Positioning iron council

Name a less enjoyable activity. I would delete one of my fully geared Alts to never have to position steelbreaker 25m hard mode again.

I love ulduar but it’s terrible game design when it comes to tanking this fight. And yes I have killed it, it drops no tank 252 on top of all the garbage you have to deal with.

Literally a headache every single week


none of the fights are fun after the first 2 weeks, this game kind of sucks


I love algalon mimiron hodir freya and xt as a tank

its a lot of dumb rng but not totally impossible


Once you get used to it it’s fine. It’s the dumb af spell queuing where you don’t know what spell is cast next and you end up waiting sometimes an eternity for rune of power to land before killing molgeim.

As a healer i dont even know wtf the mechanic is or still know the fight on my main. And yes we down it every week. Probably most enjoyable fight to heal as resto druid.

Yes I love practicing tank positions in front of 24 other people.

Oh he’s in the rune ok he’s not but now the melee can’t touch him oh I inch him closer and……I’m dead.

It makes me wanna quit wow

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After the first guy goes down the tanks has to keep the big guy basically in melee range of the melee (he doesn’t move well because he is massive) the whole time while still dodging mechanics and making sure he isn’t standing in the blue runes that the group is standing in.

So… Close enough that he doesn’t use his nature damage amplifier on everyone, but not too close that his giant self counts as in the rune for extra damage.

And all that precise positioning with movement on one of the worst targets to precisely reposition due to his size (which also obscures your vision).

Oh, and he pauses to use fusion punch when you need to move him sometimes.

What you have to do is simple on paper, he just doesn’t cooperate.

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you can travel back in 2008 and let the devs know

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Are you a masochist ?
You like the fight with insane RNG on incoming Tank dmg ?


just think if u wasnt a pally in wrath lolol

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I ran into a problem tonight with steelbreaker, even while molgrim was still up and being focused, steelbreaker would randomly target a player and beat on them. Sometimes just a melee attack, but even a fusion punch once…Thought i dropped aggro, so i watched the threat meter like a hawk…millions ahead in threat, as expected…

Anyone else experience this?

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So here are the things that can happen

If you are not in melee range during fusion punch he melees the closest player

The players that are max range get electricity shot at them. Once a player gets electricity I think it’s called nature’s fury or something else they cannot get targeted again until it falls off so you need a player without it at max range at all times. The common strategy is have 3 healers at max range.

As the tank you have to pay attention to who is at max range while moving a giant npc that obstructs your entire field of vision at the correct time (rune of power is a pretty fast cast).

On top of that you can have steel breakers literal foot in the rune of power and yet he is still out of melee range even though he doesn’t have the ROP buff.

It’s literally the worst

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Killed a few guildies over the early weeks with that. Go to move him out of rune, get just one step to far, FALCON PUNCH!, dead melee, oops.


Move literally just enough pixels to drop the buff and it looks like he’s standing on top of everyone who are just barely on the rune to get the buff… too far for melee.

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