Portal to Blasted Lands in Orgrimmar?

What level do you have to be to see and use the portal in Orgrimmar? I'm level 60 and chose that from the 2 optional quest lines. I can't see the portal. Is there another way?
When WoD came out, the Blasted Lands portal from Org/Stormwind now requires level 90 and takes you to the staging area for those pre-WoD Blasted Lands quests.

There's a new portal to Hellfire Peninsula that should work at your current level. In Org, it's up the ramp and to the right from where the Blasted Lands portal is.

In the other cities, the Blasted Lands portal has just been replaced with the Hellfire Peninsula one. There's also a portal back to Org near where the Hellfire portal pops you out.
Thank you. Much appreciated :)