Portal Rooms

Piffle! So… I’m just using my mage from my other account and porting my low alts on the other account to each of the harbors and major cities, then flying them around on the X-53 to get all the flight paths in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms and then just play the low areas anyhow. I just resurrected (re-subbed for one month ) an account where i have a mage so I could do that. I only play the low areas now anyway. Blizzard/Activision ticked me off when they took Glyph of Nightmare (and about 350 Inscription spells i knew!) away from my Warlock after Pandaria, then I got bored mining in the Garrison, got totally screwed up with changes in Legion, and only upped one of my 3 accounts to BFA to find out it’s only been getting worse and worse since Activision took over and Chris Metzen left. I’ll just play free to play alts up to level 20. I’ll make a few extras on the unsubbed account this month and use the mage to get them access to flight paths and harbors. Dang it, but I miss Cataclysm (or even just Wrath.)

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They are due soon, but from what I saw on the ptr forum they aren’t very well done. Don’t remember the exact complaints but people weren’t pleased at all.

Edit: horde “portal room is too small” is the title. It is on the ptr GD forum. I can’t post links because I am just not cool enough I suppose


yeah, I’m betting most of the comments bordered closely on the fringes of “acceptable language”. :slight_smile:

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I believe they’re on the ptr right now, so they’ll likely come with 8.1.5

They’re in the PTR right now. Coming in 8.1.5.

Portals to:

  • Ironforge/Thunderbluff
  • Exodar/Silvermoon
  • Shattrath (plus a NPC to teleport to Dark Portal or Hellfire Peninsula)
  • Dalaran (Northrend)
  • Paw’don Village/Honeysomething Village (Pandaria)
  • Ashran
  • Aszuna (Court of Farondis)
  • Boralus/Dazar’alor


PTR General Discussion forum here.
PTR Bug Report forum here.


How can they be ‘not well done’? Its a room, with portals. People will literally whine about everything…


I know. I try to avoid the ptr forums. They make GD look like the Magic Garden.

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I’d much prefer a simple waypoint system (ala diablo/argus) or just a teleports tab added to the spellbook.

The problem I have with all this portal business is that it mostly amounts to remembering where all the portals are and putting up with load screens. It’s just not a great experience, but one that everyone deals with every day.

Scattering portals is such a stupid design, glad they are seeing how bad it is.


The problem for me is that we’re losing more portals than we’re getting in the new portal rooms. We’ve already lost all of the ones in Pandaria. With the next update, we’re getting portal rooms but losing all of the portals in Legion Dalaran.

I don’t necessarily mind the concept of portal rooms. What I mind is losing features and functionality that I currently use and enjoy.


Portals and rooms for 200…

What is 8.1.5?



They have also removed quite a few portals from older expansions. For example you can only go to Org , Shat and the old Dal from the Pandaria temple now. Seems petty to me and just another time gate that we didn’t ask for.


Hey Kaivax, do they plan on adding new portal rooms like this for other capitols as well? Such as Ironforge or Silvermoon, etc?


Been saying since Cata, when we ended up with both the Northrend Dalaran collection of portals and the main city collection of portals to Cata zones that we were in need of a generic portal we can place in any main hub that takes us to a room designed to house an ever growing mass of portals.
Portal nexus.

Removal of old portals prior to the introduction of the new portal rooms and their included portals was a poor choice.

Ultimately, I think this solution (An area designed expressly to house an ever growing number of portals) is very good and long overdue.


Is this really so complicated of a feature that they need 8 months to implement it? Why is this taking actual months to put in the game?


Because its work, which is something they are allergic too.


Holy crap is that a scary thought!


They have to insert big rooms in areas where there is not currently a place for them yet make it seem natural for them to be there. How easy would you expect that to be?


We’re not just losing most of the portals in Legion Dalaran either. They’re also deleting the Caverns of Time portal in Northrend Dalaran too.

When 8.1.5 hits live, there won’t be any portals to Caverns of Time anymore AFAIK, and there also won’t be portals to Karazhan anymore either, which is a big deal since Mages can’t even cast portals to Caverns of Time and Karazhan IIRC.

Also, all of the portals in Boralus except Stormwind’s and Silithus’ are being removed as well, in stark contrast to Dazar’alor where all the portals are still available.

Furthermore, it looks like Horde players will no longer have a quick way to get to the Dark Portal either, while the Alliance will still be able to be teleported there by talking to an NPC.

The faction discrepancies regarding portals is especially stupid, and should really be fixed, but everything relating to the Portal Rooms in 8.1.5 is apparently set in stone as the devs are seemingly ignoring all feedback regarding Portal Rooms and removal of portals on the PTR at the moment. I guess 8.2 is the earliest we can expect improvements made to the Portal Rooms.