Portal Room Adjustment Request

Please replace the Northrend Dalaran portal with the Wyrmrest Portal. The Northrend Dalaran portal doesn’t make sense chronologically since Dalaran is technically no longer in Northrend.

And because of that, replace the Azsuna portal with the Broken Isles Dalaran portal. This makes far more sense chronologically since this is where Dalaran currently is, and there’s little reason for there to be a portal to Azsuna in the first place.

Please also add portals to the Caverns of Time and Dalaran Crater.

These portals were invaluable to reach content such as CoT raid/dungeon transmog farming, and also holiday events such as the Grinch for Winter Veil, and Pyrewood Village for Love Is In The Air. Alliance are especially put out because there is no flight point remotely close to the holiday event locations since Hillsbrad was lost to the Horde.


They were lazy crutches. People farmed for years and got around just fine before a lazy Wyrmrest and a lazy crater portal came about.

The only agreeable thing here is having a portal to Azsuna instead of Dalaran is rather silly.

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I don’t see why portals can’t go to major cities. Sticking people in the middle of nowhere is dumb.


I think you meant “lazy caverns” not “lazy wyrmrest”. The Wymrest portal would be the Northrend connection (since there has to be one) instead of Northrend’s Dalaran because technically speaking Dalaran isn’t in Northrend anymore.

I understand that you see them as “lazy crutches” and that’s fine, but they make it easier to access content players want to engage in. And considering the poor state of BfA at the moment, it seems silly to make it more difficult to access content players actually want to engage in.

It’s also particularly onerous for the Alliance to actually get to the Grinch for Winter Veil and Pyrewood for Love Is In The Air without the Dalaran Crater portal since Alliance has no flight points in the vicinity.

All major cities should have portal, the silly part is removing panda major city portal is kinda stupid. We also need CoT portal then everything else is fine

Mages can’t make a portal to Dalaran Crater anymore?

There has been a portal to Caverns of Time since Wrath. It was located in the Violet Citadel. The portal existed longer than it didn’t exist.

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I do hope they listen to the old content farmers.

For me, I’m not using those portals for any reason anyway… I think a bigger problem is the dumb Undercity portal being at the top of the blimp stand when it clearly should be in the portal room. That’s a curiously stupid thing for Bliz to leave in place. I don’t feel the world is bigger because I have to fly to the middle to … use a portal. The blimp concept is obviously over, let it go.

Uh… no.

I want ALL city portals. Not “out in the middle of BFE nowhere” portals.

What we need is a Shrine portal and no stupid Aszuna portal.

It may not be a permanent portal. And it’s not supposed to be a normal portal. It’ll take players to two different places, depending on their level.

You’re right, that’s one I would maybe bend on. For now, there’s an NPC in Shattrath that will port you there if Revered.

If only Blizzard had gotten some feedback on the portals before 8.1.5 arrived on Tuesday…

If only the tiny handful of salient points (Caverns of Time, Azsuna instead of Dalaran) weren’t drowned out by 4 screechers accounting for a quarter of the thread.

I don’t blame the Blues one bit for declining to engage in the dumpster fire it became.

I don’t just mean the 5k & 8k-ongoing threads here. I mean the feedback in PTR, all the dataz they collect about which portals see the most use versus not. I fail to see how Azsuna came up in their data collection as a high point of travel throughout all Legion content. Or that the CoT portal wasn’t used enough. Yet I’m sure they’ll say they have the data that proves these were the best choices…

No - bad idea. The portals should be to the cities not to a village or a temple.

Most of the stuff is in cities and do you seriously think no one would complain that they had to FLY to dalaran for the timewalking vendor.

Can we also have our Pandaren portal be the Vale of Eternal Blossoms? Thx please.


Personally I’d like to see Shrine instead of Jade for pandaria and portals for Blackrock Mountain and Caverns of Time, being major instance hubs it’s a hassle to spend a long time traveling to them every week. Or at least if not a portal then have a toy or account wide unlockable method of getting to these places fast (Direbrew remote toy for example).

It would be nice to know if their plan was changed as I have a few quests working through Legion content that point me to taking the Karazhan portal which was removed. It was said that if you are on a quest that they should be visible which is fine, but they are not. Looking for some clarification if this will be something coming or not.

This is basically how I feel. I understand portals like CoT, Wyrmrest, and Dal Crater were useful to get to certain areas quickly, but a portal network between essentially the capital cities of various areas makes the most sense. What mage is bothering to hold open a portal to caverns of time, especially in present day where Dragons lost most of their power anyway? What mage is holding open the portal to Wyrmrest, which holds no real purpose at all today? How about the literal hole in ground @ Dal Crater? Old Dal is a bit iffy, but whatever, it’s magic and we have plenty of time travel in this game.

The issue with the Dalarans is that it would be strange having two portals to Dalaran when technically speaking, Dalaran isn’t in Northrend anymore as far as the story is concerned. That’s why I suggested the Wyrmrest portal, but I can understand why that isn’t appealing to some.

I’d be less concerned about the Dalaran crater portal if the Alliance had a flight point somewhere in the vicinity. Right now the closest Alliance flight point to the Grinch and Pyrewood is in the Western Plaguelands -_-