Portal Restoration Initiative!

I was playing retail a bit as it is my favorite time of year … Brewfest!

And it made me realize the old portals are still borked and I still think they should be added back to the game. It feels wrong not having them any longer. So what if they are duplicates of portals that exist in special rooms in two capitals? Dalaran old and Dalaran new should both have all their portals restored. Even Shattrath too! Gimme all the portals!

Help make Azeroth great again - restore those portals!

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What are you talking about?
All the portals are there in the portal room except for the Cataclysm ones.

If there’s one thing I’d wish, it’s that the portal to Zandalar takes us back to the Zandalar portal room instead of Zanadalar docks!

Ever been to the magical city of Dalaran?

Did you know they had more than 1 portal to the capital city for each faction?

Did you know they had other portals in Dalaran too?

And there were portals to other places from Asharan!

And there were portals to Alliance and Horde cities in Shattrath!

Why did these portals get removed? Hubris. That is all. I’d love to see them put back - ALL of them!

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Laughs in mage

No idea why they took out the portals from other capital cities.

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Some excuse about making the world seem larger, iirc. Feels like more time wasted to be honest.

I don’t have this issue with classic because I walk every dang place but in retail it would make sense to make it feel more connected and complete by adding the portals back.

and cries in mage no more hey ill pay you for a portal lol

And now We’ve DR a better flight option to move around haha If Devs really want a bigger world as an important element of the game, they should actually add more activities around old continents like Worldquest and World Events…instead of focusing in a single expansion zones.

i do want DR to be added to the old zones no more using the taxies mount lol