Population Tally (Horde side)

10:15 Full server

60 warr- 45
60 sham - 27
60 mage - 36
60 hunter- 18
60 druid - 22
60 warlock - 22
60 priest - 29
60 rogue - 44

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High server*, 10:15 pm

I don’t understand why Blizzard can’t limit server transfers to only one faction. They can see the exact server population statistics. Boggles my mind. They should’ve known that tons of alliance on horde heavy servers were going to xfer off to Heartseeker. That caused an imbalance here. Monitor the flow and restrict a certain faction if the imbalance gets out of hand.


CensusPlusClassic was updated and works…BUT you have to manually hit a macro each time. Or jst add the line to a spell/attack you use frequently to do it without any extra…
Posted by Gatekeeper" Turn off “auto census” and close the game client. Wait ten minutes and next time you start it, you can manually run the census bit by bit by hitting the ManualWho button or pressing Shift-T (as long as you’re not a warlock or hunter) or running “/run ManualWho()” in a macro, binding it to whatever key you want."

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Now, since it is a Friday night and the weekend, I would be interested in a Horde running those numbers again.

you still haven’t posted any numbers from the alliance side.
Here are the Horde 7:30 Friday night
Warriors - 40
Mage - 31
priest - 28
shaman - 15
rogue - 30
Druid - 18
warlock - 18

I also went to Stalagg alliance side to see how bad it is for the alliance on a high pop server

There are more level 60 alliance warriors on Stalagg then TOTAL level 60 Horde on Heartseeker.

Even after all you alliance bailed on Stalagg; Stalagg has a better balanced Horde/Alliance ratio then Heartseeker.

so sad


I feel like utter crap about this. My warrior is on a dead faction on a full server. I just wanted to PvP and now… I cant even find a dungeon group


Alliance side is over 50 players for each of the classes. This was even the case hours ago, forget about peak hours. The faction ratio is outrageous!

8:08pm server time.
Blasted Lands-3

Western plaguelands- 5

Eastern plaguelands- 21


Winterspring- 11

Burning steppes-6


I did a /who of every lvl 1-59 so it didn’t cap out at 50, and I got 1250 horde for lvl 1-59. Lvl 60 by class got me 205 lvl 60 on right now, so ~1450 horde total on the server right now. 10pm server time

We may be outnumbered, but we have plenty of horde to keep the groups/economy flowing and will (hopefully) get more hordies to switch over. From my /who rampage I saw that mid to high 50s is pretty scarce right now, so that’s why it’s pretty bleak looking in those zones. Hold tight and let the horde catch up in levels!

For example, there were 40 people in the Hinterlands when I just hearthed.


Yeah the Horde has a healthly population on this server. It feels more populated than my old vanilla server Azgalor. Its just that there is a crap ton times 2 of alliance.


Lol pathetic, just re-roll and save yourself the frustration.

I already ditched my 54 gnome mage that’s stuck on this pathetic excuse for a PvP server. It’s essentially an alliance PvE server at this point.


its not that bad. Im seeing more and more Horde in all the 55 to 60 leveling zones.
Mabe if a few big Horde guilds moved here it would be fine.

Its differently not as bad as the server I left that was Horde dominated.
This server is good

Stalagg has many more alliance then Heartseeker has horde. And that’s after all the cowards abandon their brothers and sisters to come here.

The census addon works again, you just have to manually scan. This would be the best method of getting a tally, use it over a few days at different hours of the day to try and tag all the unique players online. Use a autoclicker macro with w/e software you have and use it when ur afk or on flight path. Or use /run ManualWho() in a mouse wheel macro. Hope this helps :slight_smile:
Censusplusclassic is the addon on curseforge. Cant post the link for whatever reason

I’m curious as of today, how the Horde side has been in terms of Level 60s, people playing, and activity? Thanks.

/who org 60

10 people found.

Only 11am on a weekday though.

8pm EST Friday night
Level 60 Warlock - 21
Level 60 Shaman - 22
Level 60 Priest - 27
Level 60 Rogue - 30
Level 60 Mage - 35
Level 60 Druid - 14
Level 60 Hunter - 17
Level 60 Warrior - 39

I know that my guild has disbanded and most of my former 75+ guild mates no longer log on.

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