Population and AQ Concerns

Unless Blizz decides to merge servers or unlock AQ without the required turn ins after a specific amount of time, it doesn’t appear that AQ will ever unlock on Thalnos because of population issues. A game master suggested we post about it on the forums to try to get the Devs attention about the population issue. The longer the Devs ignore the server population issue, the more subscriptions they are losing. Paid server transfers are not a solution to the population problem, they are the main source of the problem. However, I understand that they wont go away. So, if server transferring is the solution that Devs have come up with, they need to refocus on the populations of the servers that most people and guilds are transferring off of and consider merging a few of the smallest population servers left. Player base = $. Player base will disappear if they think there is zero shot at opening AQ.


I agree 100%.

Definitely the truth.

I’m hoping to get an answer on this as well. There are several servers that this will be a problem for, Skeram and Stalagg as well. Just look at these alliance populations. We raided Stormwind and Ironforge yesterday afternoon, you know how many people we saw total? FIVE. Five alliance players. Something NEEDS to be done about the server imbalance or the classic server will stop at ZG, and people will leave or transfer to other servers before Naxx.


I would love to hear a response too, cause this situation will be exploited by players either having multiple on the same stage of the quest, or waiting for someone to transfer to Thalnos to open the gates.

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Imagine using “Layering” which was exploited.

Imagine not merging servers when a pop is low.

This post is doing gods work for Thalnos. This realm will have difficulty unlocking or will be unable to unlock the AQ Gates! Agree 100% here!

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I agree 200 %. Blizz look into this.

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The guild has more people online that the whole population of Alliance in the server! so sad…

This is still a topic of interest :confused: maybe our population is actually too low to keep the topic going …

Hopefully gets addressed soon.

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The state of Thalnos and its population, overall, is pretty dire. I stopped leveling my alt there because it seemed like a giant waste of time - not to mention it was hard to find groups to run instances and such with at sub-level 55+, as a healing priest no less.

Glad you made this post. Hope it gets the attention it needs.

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Completely agree. I’m truly concerned about the upcoming AQ event. It’s truly rare to find a single Alliance player in the open world.

@Kaivax, You think we can get some attention from a Dev on this please?

LOL, Server is so dead and lazy, we can’t even keep a Thread alive on the forums to get the attention of a Dev.
Not like they are going to do anything about it. Greed drives this company now, they won’t let anyone have anything for free. So the options are suffer the dead server, Quit or pay for your transfer to the next dying realm.

great news, guys! blizzard is allowing free transfers to your server from incendius and faerlina, with zero faction restrictions!

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i just moved here. havnt seen more then 50 ally on at one time… no more then 20 lvl 60s and they are all in BGs. maybe weekends raid loggers will be on.

Buut i went here because it was heavy horde side and im just logging on to camp farming spots. its fun ill do it for a while.

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uff man thanks, please dont leave the server only the ally can save thalnos.

I made an alliance mage in this server, I found humans on it the other night! Now I am in a guild and we are leveling, it gets very loney.

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What do you mean? population is increasing or desolate, because a week ago only in ironforge met 6 60