Polling - Like in Old School Runescape

Why not add polling in game for players level 30 and above? Shoot, it could be level 60 required.

  • 70% or 75% to pass a vote

  • Poll results are not posted until the end

  • It is up to Blizzard to create the polls, so hopefully the polls won’t become ludicrous

Any thoughts on this?


I like this idea, but only after naxx has been out for a while and the game starts to stagnate.

I don’t much care how players screw up the game so long as they leave me unmolested classic servers to play on.

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There’s already a version of Classic open to potentially any change. It’s called BfA.

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My favorite types are the ones who have little to no posts and then share a stupid idea.

It shows they are ashamed of individuality.

Bad argument. There is no polling nor voting in BfA. The Activision executives ruined Retail without player input because they want to make a quick buck.

To get 70%+ of the vote is very difficult, so only the most rational changes will be made. Maybe it can save the game from bad changes Blizzard will make. They are already making changes, we need some filter to stop it from going down Retail’s path.

Ok. Then ask for it in retail. Classic isn’t the place for it.

Yes. The filter is to not change anything else.

Retail is probably beyond repair, you have to take away things sold in cash shops and retcon a lot to fix it.

How about make Classic+ servers separate from Classic? But dividing the player base isnt good neither.

Exactly. Best option is just to stick with the intended path: authentic vanilla. Changes that have been made aside, this needs to be the path.

I imagine they’ll do BC and WotLK servers. They should be separate. Hopefully those don’t split the population too much.

You leave anything up to blizzard to not be ludicrous and I think we know the outcome.

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Gods, no. Players are not developers, they don’t think of broad or long term effects, just what they want now.

OSRS is a great example against itself; It launched without the grand exchange, basically an auction house, that fundamentally changed the way the game plays. Within months the playerbase voted it back in, and the game has spiraled into a strange mirror version of the game it was trying to get away from in the first place.

If WoW classic gets the same system people will hands down vote for convenience features that they don’t understand the ramifications of and you will eventually have modern WoW with vanilla graphics.

I think it could be a good idea for retail
Or a new game, but it doesn’t have to be a poll. in game decisions can be the poll and changes made as a reflection of the results.

i.e Sylvanas’s vs Saurfang quest line in retail. Did more people Join the revolution? Did that cause the game story change? We don’t know as only Blizzard know the numbers, but it could.

Just curious. Are there other bad decisions in OSRS that you think was passed?

Ideally, a competent developer should make the decisions. But sadly, greedy executives are the ones deciding, and they don’t care about long-term consequences. So it is better to have a vote to filter out bad decisions.

Why? We have Retail.

does it offer a competitive classic scene?

no. it should but it doesnt. in fact it’s been ruined with each expansion.

in other video games, expansions expand the game. in WoW they shift the endgame from zone A to zone B.

It’s been my concern since BC launched in 2007: we didnt go from 3 tiers to 4. we went from 3 tiers to 1.

This is a pretty interesting point. I mean, we can contrast it with say Diablo II, and Diablo II: LoD, where adding Act V didn’t completely make Chaos Sanctuary runs useless, nor Andariel or Mephisto runs, at least with regards to MF. And in later patches, CS runs have even been shown to be better XP/run for certain level ranges.

With WoW, expansions have added more content, but effectively making old content obsolete. There also has been a sort of lack of continuity, and you end up with odd leftovers like class trainers, that serve no purpose, but are still there.

I don’t know what this means precisely, but obviously “no,” is the answer.

In any case, my point was that we have had the evolution of WoW over the past 15+ years, which has brought us to Retail, and now to Retail + Classic.

I have some expectations that Shadowlands will actually be pretty good, and hope that we move into a better direction going forward. However, at the same time, playing Classic has shown me that there are some things that I prefer about Retail. Arenas are far more compelling end game PvP than anything in Classic, though if you’re Horde on Faerlina, the Classic Dueler’s League would be interesting (it would also be a lot of work and preparation), and Mythic+ instances give much better repeatability than Classic instances have (sure, so do Heroic instances that can be found in BC, but M+ gives continual progression).

And, of course, there are some things I don’t particularly like about Retail. For example, I hate that there are 4 raid tiers. I think that having an LFR tier does not enhance the experience, by allowing those who would not otherwise experience the raid to be able to, but rather detracts from the experience.

There are a bunch of other things, and I don’t particularly like the current Azerite gear nor neck pieces. Truth be told, I have never really liked gearing in WoW. I think Diablo II did a much, much better job of making gear the central part of the game, whereas with WoW it was the Character, and in modern Retail it is now the Account.

Imagine if they removed the weekly cooldowns on raids, and instead did something like they do with instances. Instances are up to 5/hour. What if raids were 5/day? What difference would that make to the game? Would that be better?

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No thanks.