[Poll] - Which character wins this fight?


This is wow… terrain doesn’t seem to matter, look at Azshara… the alliance wasted the high ground, and the horde attacked it and succeeded.

I’m “For the Horde!” and I love orcs but for this scenario, I’m rooting for the underdog.

Go Dark Iron!


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…not to mention the brand new wolfskin cloak!

Totally up to you in how this plays out! Is it a hunter pet or a mount that will vanish in combat? Give us your story version. :slight_smile:


I thought we were friends! Why would you do this to me! Oh the betrayal!

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What if! What if…now hear me out.

He knocks the rider off her worg. The two of them look at each other. Then up to the throng of people watching them fight. Then back to each other. Then just walk off together, skipping hand in hand while ending the night at the local tavern and slamming down some ale.


/looks at avatar
/looks at race

Somethings not quite right…


I’m deep undercover.


The dwarf, using his trusty hammer of Storm Bolting, knocks the mag’har off her mount. The wolf leaps, gashing itself on the dwarf’s shield spikes. He fells it with a mighty bash to the skull, but not before it rakes its fearsome claws through his legs.

The dwarf drags himself off the battlefield. His legs torn and savaged in the wolf’s final moments, he will never fight again. Many years later, he is found hopeless, cold, and penniless on the streets of Ironforge, the city he once scorned. In his waning days, he will forever wonder why the woman spared him. He decides at last that she knew his life was indeed over on that fateful day. That night, he passes on in his sleep, unnoticed by anyone.

The orc arrives too late to save her bonded companion. Laying the great wolf to rest, she falls into a deep depression that nothing seems to shake. Seeking the counsel of her ancestors, she travels to Nagrand - the pale shadow of the present, not the verdure of the past that is forever denied her - and wanders into the wild. She is never seen again by any civilized soul.

I suppose that means “neither of them”.


I think best case scenario for the dwarf is that he breaks a couple of the wolf’s ribs, right before the wolf eats his head…


Trick question. That dwarf is probably a paladin. You ever 1 vs 1 healer? Yea… someone is going to die from boredom first.


Even the Dark Iron Dwarf in this art has his extra belt pieces on his Heritage armor… Please fix the in game Dark Iron Heritage armor lol.

Anyway, back on topic. I voted for the Mag’har because of the giant wolf, if she didn’t have the wolf than I would have surely voted for the Dwarf. I don’t think the Dwarf would even be able to reach the Orc from down there xD

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Depends on how many dots the dark iron has on him before he pops his racial and goes ham.

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Which one has more Titan-forged pieces of gear?

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Obviously bias again. Somehow the wolf is double the height of the dwarf

I understand it’s a dwarf but still the wolf can’t be double the height.

How come the orc is on a wolf but the dwarf can’t be on a core hound.

Not to worry because you can’t do mounted combat. The orc will have to dismount to attack. Unless they haven’t enabled dismount when using an ability in options. If they haven’t then they’re a noob

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The Dark Iron will lose because he’s uglier.


No mounted combat so I dunno why the orc brought a wolf.

She’ll be stuck standing there while the dwarf crushes her.

Even if there was though, that wolf isn’t gonna be able to get past all that armor and shield. I think his height gives him an advantage here. Too small and compact to be trampled. It’d be like trying to trample a boulder. Once that orc is dismounted, the dwarf will make short work of her.

He just has to outlast them. And nobody has more stamina than a dwarf.

More likely the orc will run away though, since orcs are generally cowards.

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Well my money is on the dwarf then. Although his hammer looks to be bending from the weight the fact he is wielding that one handed shows absurd strength.

The orcs weapon is to large to be useful that close beyond using it for jousting she can’t close. Really this is between the dwarf and the wolf at this point and I have to give it to the " I can lift what must be a minimum 60 pound hammer one handed guy" over the big wolf.