Plz delete this post

plz delete this post

Hey there, so if we are a good fit!

Eternal Order | Alliance | Sargeras|

RAID TIMES: Thursday night at 9:00 pm EST


Our players are AOTC, CE, and mythic 15+ experienced

RECRUITING: 5 DPS + 5 HEALS (maybe 1 OT), for our raid team for Shadowlands!

Hey! We are players from the original release of WoW from 2004. We are a semi-hardcore guild that completes the content in a laid back environment while being serious-minded about progression. Mythic+ keys is something we love to do and are always looking for more players to run them with. Our guild is extremely social and we like to communicate with each other outside of raid times.


Our guild has adults 25-30+ with lives outside of World of Warcraft. Real-life comes first. We believe you can enjoy raiding without the constant activity outside of raid.


⦁ Players who bring a positive attitude to our laid-back community. We like to have fun while still being focused on content completion.

⦁ Dedicated players who can commit to long-term raiding and are able to maintain high attendance as much as possible. We understand occasional absences might happen!

⦁ Players that arrive raid ready with a strong ability to play their class, understand boss mechanics, and a willingness to improve.

Gear Requirements: As this is the end of BFA, we currently have no gear restrictions to join


Awesome! Contact Brobøt (me) to learn more. Please feel free to reach out to us, ask any questions you may have, and find out if we are the home for you!


** Brobøt or Pìçklerick or Necronos (Recruitment Officer):**

BNET: Br4wn#1859

DISCORD: Brobot#8506

Guild & Server: Onslaught - Horde NA - Doomhammer
Language(s): English
Current Progression: 8/12H Nyalotha - (Covid-19 put us on raid break til SL 9.0 prepatch hits)
Raid Times/Days: Tues & Thurs: 815p to 11:30pm Eastern (515-830p PST/server)
Quick Summary: Onslaught is a casual-progressive Normal & AOTC Heroic raiding guild who has existed since 2006. We are focused on clearing all Normal and Heroic raid content in Shadowlands. We occasionally dip our toes into Mythic raiding as our team-size allows, after we clear AOTC. We also do Mythic+ 5 man keys on off nights.
Raider IO:
Requirements: Must be Char Level 120 and item level 425+ in Main Spec gear // Must be 18+ IRL age // have previous raid experience, either in BFA or an earlier expansion // Must be OK with wiping on progress fights & be able to take constructive advice if offered in the process of learning new encounters.
Needs: We’re currently recruiting healers & dps roles with higher prio on folks who enjoy & can play multiple specs
Application: Drop me a message on my btag or Discord if interested in setting up a recruitment chat
Contacts: GM minaah#1990 (btag) // minaah#3795 (Discord)
Discord Link:

<Dusk to Dawn> is a late night Horde guild on Mal’Ganis forming for the rest of BFA and into Shadowlands. Our goal is to clear at least 75% of Mythic every tier in Shadowlands. CE would be nice, but I’m more interested in finding people that care more about the community than the progression. Basically, if we get it, that’s great but we won’t be upset if we fall short. We are keeping the roster limited to only the raid team so that people can actually bond and form friendships with their fellow raiders. We’re taking our time filling the roster because we are making sure the people we bring in are highly skilled and fit the personality of the group well instead of just bringing in anyone to buffer our numbers. When Shadowlands drops, we plan on clearing content quickly. Many of our members are returning Mythic/CE experienced raiders.

We already have a very tight-knit group. People are online in discord every night hanging out and chatting. We run M+ pretty much every night we aren’t raiding (even before/after raids some nights). We also have people doing arenas, mechagon hard modes, and dungeon/raid achievements. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, I’d love to chat more!

Raid Times:
Progression nights:

  • Tuesday: 11pm - 1am CST (9pm - 11pm PST)
  • Wednesday: 11pm - 1am CST (9pm - 11pm PST)
  • Thursday: 11pm - 1am CST (9pm - 11pm PST)

Farm night (optional)

  • Sunday: 11pm - 1am CST (9pm - 11pm PST)


12/12N, 12/12H, 4/12M (with a couple pugs)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or fill out our simple app and we’ll get in touch with you:

  • Discord: Zamereon#4336
  • Bnet: Zamereon#1622
  • App:

Hey there, we just made a new guild on bleeding hollow we raid Sunday’s 6-10PM EST with the goal of progressing into mythic without the long time commitment of some other guilds.
Our members are busy, they have inconsistent schedules like myself and can’t play all the time but when we do we M+, raid, pvp etc.

If you want to have a conversation to see if we are a good fit for you add me on battle net


Hi There,

I would like to have a chat with you to talk about your interests in detail, jrzo#1414. If its not possible, here is the guild spam

The Crispy Bois started with a group of friends to create a guild for Ny’alotha. We started off as a small 10-13 man raiding group to do normal and heroic. We started to gain members and with a close enough roster for mythic we transitioned into a mythic raiding team. While the mythic team ran, we started hosting an alt group for AOTC earlier in the week, and gained a late night AOTC team to raid after our mythic team. A good number of us loves to run M+ consistently, and if we get enough people who are interested in pvp we will look into rated bgs and arena groups. This is our ad for 3 raiding groups for Shadowlands.

Weekend Mythic Team (Fleece Blanket Group)

Raid Days: Friday & Saturday
Raid Times: 6:30pm - 9:30pm Pacific
Progression: 6/12 M
Goals: Cutting Edge as quickly as possible each raid tier. We are looking for like-minded individuals who have buy-in to this goal and exceed requirements because the requirements are a minimum to working toward that goal.
Looking for: Any Classes and Specializations for a CE Mythic Team in Shadowlands

Anyone interested in this group, please go to

Any questions please contact

Battle Tag: CosmicDuck#11565; Ginkgo#11131
Discord: Cosmic#7623; Ginkgo#3760

Weekday AOTC Team (Thunder Chickens Group)

Days: Tuesday/ Wednesday
Raid Times: 6:30pm - 9:30pm Pacific
Progression: 12/12 H
Goals: A more casual approach for raiding. Our goal is AOTC and to focus on enjoying each other’s company and grow in knowledge and skills while raiding. This raid will focus on helping prepare newer players and raiders alts while working towards AOTC.
Looking for: Anyone Interested for an AOTC weekday raiding group

Anyone interested in this group, please contact

Battle Tag: CosmicDuck#11565; Ginkgo#11131
Discord: Cosmic#7623; Ginkgo#3760

Late Night Weekend AOTC Team (Banana Hammock Group)

Days: Friday/Saturday
Raid Times: 11:30pm - 2am Pacific
Goals: Achieve AOTC in a timely manner, get everyone their gear then vote when to take a hiatus until the next tier. If we reach 20~ people, then we vote for interest into mythic.
**Looking for:**Anyone Interested for a Late Night AOTC weekend raiding group

Anyone interested in this group please go to

Any questions please contact

Battle Tag: Nox#1474
**Discord: ** Nox#2686

Hey there! We might be a fit for you! Check us out

Hello Omega!
My guild Evolved might be a good fit for you! We are an 18+ community and most of our members have families, jobs, etc so we understand the importance of real life coming first. Because of this, we do not require 100% raid attendance. Everyone is super friendly, mature, and a ton of fun to be around! We like to focus on having a strong community as it makes the game so much more enjoyable, and our main goal is to have fun together!

We raid Weds/Thurs from 8:30-10:30 pm EST. Evolved is a Horde guild on Area52. We also have a sister Alliance guild on Proudmoore.

You can contact me at Grimmy#1990 if you have more questions.

Here is a link to our recruitment post: [H] Evolved Gaming, 18+ gaming community recruiting! 12/12N, 12/12H Ny'alotha

We are an Alliance AOTC/M+ focused guild. If interest is there after we have cleared Heroic raids and we have a solid core, then yes, we may venture into Mythic difficulty.

Raid Times:

We will be raiding Thurs/Fri 830-1130 PST

For more information feel free to contact Corrupt#11776.