Plunging attack on DH

I dont know if this is even a good idea but i think it would be cool to have plunging attack in Havocs kit. Have an ability that shoots you up in the air slightly and then you can double tap it to do a plunging attack that deals a decent amount of aoe dmg. I think this could be fun, flashy and play into the high mobility fantasy without dashing in to different mechanics. You could have it so you can activate it even when you are in the air so you can do long plunging attacks on mobs when you are in the open world for fun.

Felbade is what you are looking if for.

Thats not at all the same thing.

From what you described, it seems exactly like that (but single target) to me.

What’s different?

Felblade is a single target ability that charges you to the target and deal single target dmg and generate hatred, with a chance to reset.

What im talking about is an ability that when you use it you to a semi high jump and when you press it again you do a pluning attack down that deals AOE dmg. You could even have the freedom to fel rush or glide in the air before pressing it again so you can repositing yourself.

Double jump glide into felblade basically does what you describe. Except it’s not AoE and maybe you want to jump higher than a double jump?

And running up to a mob auto attacking it a few times for fury and casting Chaos strike is basically fel blade.

He basically wants death from above from what I can tell.

I think a talent that augments your Vengeful Retreat such that your next Felblade cast smacks down and does AoE damage would fit the fantasy of what you’re going for.