Pls change human female healing casting animations

Ok. I just log in to my worgen priestess. When she reach lvl 5 she learn Flash Heal and when she cast it, i find it so strange. Almost the same as when she cast smite. Pls change the human casting animations cause i dont like it. I tried with a pure human, not happy with her. But i also tried with a human male, i happy with him. Also tried with a night elf male, same problem as the female human, but more worst than her. I meant when he cast smite or wrath also very strange too. I tried with a night elf female, better than the male.

Unfortunately this is a player to player help and discussion forum. Blizzard does not come here for feedback. If you’d like to have blue eyes on your suggestion, you would need to post it in General Discussion.

If you do, it would help to provide what you don’t like about it, and offer some suggestions on how it should change. Just saying you don’t like something doesn’t usually result in anything. :slight_smile:

There is also an option under the ingame help menu for submitting suggestions which are then routed to the dev team.

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As a worgen, once you get to the point in the story where you’re bit, anytime you cast you will be a worgen. Doesn’t matter if it’s a healing or damage ability. I think Kur Tiran humans have different/better casting animations. My favorite animations are the female dwarf. Spinning pigtails ftw!

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Can anyone help me to post on the general discussion, since my main account’s sub is over

You can make a suggestion in the ingame via the help menu button that appears when you hit ESC without having a paid sub.

However, “Change it because I don’t like it” is not what’s called actionable feed back. Make a specific suggestion of how you think the animation could be better.

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I have a video of my worgen priestess in human form casting her spells. How to share over here to show you guys. I read some forums, inside them, some people have posted videos of other things or even pictures

You need to have forum trust level 3 to post videos and active links to most websites. Trust Level 3 takes a few months to obtain and can be lost again if you don’t read 20,000 posts every 90 days.

You can, however post an inactive link by highlighting it in the edit box and then selecting the Preformatted Text button. People can then copy and paste the link.

EDIT: The “Stats” line here shows everything that factors in to determining trust level with the exception of read time.

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Huray!. I created my own video in youtube.
Thanks Nok for teach me how to share my video. ok now the male night elf caster class, i will show you guys tomorrow cause it is late and i need to sleep.

Edit: the top is passive link and the bottom is active link