Please Unlink Face Options & Skin Color

It’s mostly with Humans, but if it happens to any other race, they need to unlink it completely. I want to have a nice face with a pretty skin color, and not have it switched all the time. Complete creative freedom, please and thanks! No more silly restrictions. The new Human hair colors are only available on certain hairstyles. Why not just make it all universal?

Take off unnecessary restrictions in customization.


I think a lot of people are missing how it works here. 1-13 white, next row black, and last row asian.

So if you pick the face you like, let’s say out of 1-13. There is another section where you can adjust all the different skin tones on that face.

Or do you mean as far as like picking example, African American or Asian face style but being able to make their skin tone as white, black or tan as you would like?

I would be happy with scars being separated from faces and skin colors. Making scars exclusive to the new skin colors options is stupid.


It’s more of having things like scars tied to only one face option. They need to just unlink it all completely and just give scar options. Certain hair colors can only be used with certain skin tones too, which I think is weird as well.


ohh i see, ya i agree

So I am indeed confused on this issue. For the life of me I cannot get the African or Asian faces on my humans. I’ve tried every skin tone, not one allows me to use the new faces. I am very sad because now I have a white girl face shape with darker skin tones. I appreciate the skin tones, but where’s the faces they showcased at Blizzcon!?!?? What number are they on the creation screen?

dang, when did this game turn into a Barbie doll dress up game…

Warcraft lives matter…

I agree that having different options to pick would enrich the customisation. Also, it would be nice that Night elves could pick their exclusve customization for eyes while being DK

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They’re NYI. They’ve been missing the entire Alpha, Beta, and now the PTR.

Also, the Death Knight face option selection is bugged for a lot of races, too. Most of the new faces for Humans are missing for Death Knights and Worgen face selection appears broken for Worgen as well.

When they started focusing on remaking the wheel every single expansion instead of focusing on overarching character progression…so basically WoD with the initial pruning of abilities and then Legion which built us back up with artifact abilities, passive trees and legendary items only to toss that in the trash for a worse Azerite/Essence system which is once again being replaced for something more convuluted than either of those…

Nowadays the only thing any of us long haulers have that makes us feel an attachment to our characters are the customisation options and transmog.

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