Please tell me destro won't get nerfed

Im in the process of switching mains back to the character i mained for 8 years which is my warlock, knowing that destro is actually good for m+.
However, i have this bad feeling that eventually they will nerf it, because… blizzard.
I got tired of being just “above average” as MM and i absolutely detest survival.

I hope i don’t get meme’d into swapping mains just for it to get hammered by blizzard, since they hate destro.

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You are coming back for a reason we can see, since you considered survival too.

For that same reason, it will be nerfed lol. Learn Demo, is super fun, the damage is not much lower and they are flying under the “fun radar” right now

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destro won’t get nerfed

… There, I said it. :slight_smile:

I never considered survival, im a ranged main.
IF survival’s rotation was atleast fun, but nah, if rather play my fury warrior if i have to go melee.
To be fair, i never “left” my warlock, i just played him second for this expansion, but by the end of the season it always had proper gear and acceptable io.

Just saying my prayers that it doesn’t get shafted, it makes me happy seeing destro being #1 in something.

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Season 1 was aff, season 2 demo… right now Destro. One good thing is if you keep switching specs, you’ll be an awesome lock next expansion :joy:

S2 was affliction.
Im talking about m+

Fair enough. Still my point stands… let Destro also have its moment. It’s still not the best lock spec in raids. Even in m+ in 15’s many classes are better. Only in higher keys when mobs live longer Destro really shines. Pretty sure that’s a small % of the playerbase.

I can attest to this.
destro feels terrible in lower keys and in smaller packs, but it demolishes in huge packs.
Once you ramp up the damage in big packs all the burst aoe classes fall behind.

Problem is, in lower keys the ads die long before u can ramp up. cant wait to start running 23s on my lock with proper gear.

it was you, now we know.