Please STOP the Advertisers in group finder

Every time I go to look for groups in dungeon finder half of the postings are people advertising selling cheat runs for lazy bums who shouldnt be playing the game at all if they dont want to actually play the game. Can you guys do SOMETHING about this…they are clogging up group finder.

Yes, but definitely keep reporting it in the mean time.


The thing is, Blizzard has done something about it by making advertising in the LFG tool an actionable offense:

However, it is up to players to report the advertising so Blizzard can take action. Blizzard does not and cannot proactively monitor the game for advertising. Blizzard’s policy on this and other social related offenses is reactive in nature.


We do what we can, Roksolid, but unfortunately, it is not an issue that comes with a permanent or long-lasting solution. Our Hacks and Development teams are always working to improve the impact we have.

In the meantime, please report those that you might see. The more folks do that, the faster we can usually remove what is out there.


Can you stop idiot players from making use of their services? Blizzard can only do so much when it’s our fellow players keeping these illegal services in business. When the players stop, the business dries up - and guess what? No more advertisers!

The only thing we can do is keep right click and reporting them. They do get sanctioned, whether or not you think you see it. But one goes down two more rise up. It’s a never ending cycle due to the fact that so long as someone is using their services, we all suffer their existence.