Please save my guild

hey guys, kind of a long story here, but essentially this is my only way left to regain control of my wrath classic guild, Illegal Danish, an homage to legends.

so back when classic released, i rushed to do two things. I wanted a character named Zinwrath and the guild to match it. ill admit i didn’t end up playing that much base classic but i was very content with the result, as i had zinwrath, dirti, and the guild name. To keep thematically accurate, i had dirti as the guild master, but never leveled him.

Enter bc classic. I hadnt played that much og classic and was worried how much playtime i would get out of bc, so i only ended up copying zinwrath to bc, and leaving a copy of him on og classic as well. i kept all my other characters on classic proper so the guild would remain intact, and this is where it all started to go wrong. The guild moved to bc with zinwrath, instead of staying on classic, despite the guild leader not transferring to bc. i assumed it would auto promote someone in the guild due to that, but it never happened. so for months, up until the release of wrath, i had no guild leader at all, and more importantly, no access to the guild bank, because i never opened it on classic.

enter wrath classic. Wrath was my obsession when it came out, both the first time and this time, i worked hard and got zinwrath up to 80, i was raiding in real groups on current content, something i never got to do originally, but i realized; i wanted that guild bank now more than ever, and needed a guild leader to do it. So i put in a ticket requesting me to be appointed as my guild didn’t have one, and i was the only active + level 80 character in the small guild, most of the rest being my alts or my family members characters. I was told a wave of guild promotions was coming due to multiple people having the same problem, and waited patiently to recieve it, after all i made the guild and was the only one on. They gave it to a random level 70 who was rarely online, but happened to get on a day before they rolled it out, after not having played for at least 3 months. he has not been online since, its been 5 months. i put in another ticket and was told, to paraphrase “we can’t change guild leaders as it would be an overreach of our powers and we trust guild masters knew what they had planned for the guild in case they went offline for a long time” i was… frustrated to say the least, but was reassured that after 3 months i could use the dethrone system if he never got on and reclaim my guild.

since i’m writing this you can guess what happened. apparently there’s a system in classic where you have to have a certain rank in guild to claim guild ownership from an inactive guild master. but support only promoted one character, the new Guild Master, and left all the other members as the lowest rank, so now nobody can claim ownership and my poor guild is rotting away. i have no clue what will be able to be done here, but the only thing they told me i could do to try to get it back now was post directly to forums, and plead for mercy.

so i plead, please help me get my guild back.

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Keep escalating tickets till you get a GM with braincells