Please return Marked for Death to Restless Blades on Outlaw

A big part of what makes Marked for Death so fun on Outlaw is the interaction with Restless Blades, with the sniping mechanic imo being the cherry on top. Both have kinda been neutered and now the button kinda serves as a second Ghostly Strike which just feels kinda bad when reminiscing on the extremely fun gameplay feel it had of having an off-GCD full combo gain every ~10-15 seconds, sometimes faster. (Definitely faster on PTR)

Now the rate at which you get that feelgood off-GCD combo has been halted dramatically, sniping low healths has become disincentivized because now it’s a prio damage ability, and I imagine resets are going to be a lot more awkward to try and get with the timer only being 15 seconds.

I know this change is in an effort to standardize the cooldown between all specs, but I don’t really understand why make that change now considering it has always been higher for Outlaw to account due to RB. Myself and I know others who love MFD would love to see the change be reverted and have the cooldown upped again.

Another thing I’ve been personally thinking of is, I know Marked for Death can be a bit of a contentious ability across all specs, so if it particularly doesn’t work out for Subtlety and Assassination, whether performance-wise, gameplay-wise, or both - Marked for Death could instead move to the Outlaw tree and be made to be a choice node with Devious Stratagem, making it less of a potential headache (if it is one) to balance the ability around being on Restless as well as still competing with a node that gives an extra combo point with maybe a little bit of a redesign like making the debuff go back to 60 seconds and making your next finisher do x% more damage and make it something you’re very actively pressing again.

All in all, I really hope this ability isn’t left in the dust as it has been since Dragonflight launch. Marked for Death was genuinely my favorite ability in the game in Shadowlands and it’s been a bit saddening to see it so overshadowed by Deeper Stratagem for all specs in all content. Hope the devs can reconsider <3