Please Require Solo Queues


When BfA first started, I got scarred on the whole shebang by being kicked with nothing said to me so many times I gave up doing them at all until I had so much gear and azerite they’d be ignorant to kick me because I was 380 in a 305 instance, and I’d still do only regular, not heroic, because that’s where the problem is worse, given those are the only reasonably competitive brackets you can queue solo for. Require solos please, so you don’t have two people ganging up on you without you knowing about it. I think solos are much less likely to be guild chatting and saying “Yeah, he died and is slow. Kick him.”

We are talking in any case about two ganging up on one, and three or four ganging up on one is a problem enough in dungeons, especially if you’re one of the two slots that is actually held to account (you need a MOD to track DPS damage).