Please reconsider your stance on retail/classic reward linking


This is for the longevity of the game, to make people play both classic and retail. You don’t have to make the items the exact same appearance but something that will make retail players go to classic for an extended period and something that will make those who play classic try retail.

The “people will just do it for appearances/mounts/pokemon” argument is sophistry.
Imagine someone joins a mythic raiding guild with the intent of just getting the mount from the last boss of the tier. They still have to prepare for raids, integrate into the team and follow the raid mechanics, they won’t just /gquit after they get the mount either. How is this any different from that?


They even gave av achievement for going into the crapper in WoD.
Ridiculous! :nauseated_face:

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I can’t believe I actually agree with Fallanaa about something… Maybe it is the end times.

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the worlds gonna end. i actually agree with Fallanaa on something.


This is a terrible idea.


3 month necro?!?!

At least I got to read Yith laying down the law on some of these posts. :grin:


I’ve seen worse.

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The link Retail => Classic should not exist.

The link classic => retail is not needed as anything you can get in classic (mounts for example) can be farmed faster on retail. Unless there are some items removed from the game in which case you shouldn’t have them anyway on retail.


I’m so glad this is the company’s stance. Game would be full of people just farming for the stuff that was taken out of retail for their retail account, no one wants that. And if you think you do, you shouldn’t. :wink:

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No, I want there to be a cross over, if I farm my butt off for the winterspring frost saber in classic, I want to show it off in retail.


naw, you can get it in retail still and they altered it.

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pretty sure they removed that mount


Nope, you can get the winter spring frost saber in retail, and it’s easier… it’s just time gated behind dailies. They even made a horde equivalent in Ungoro I think it’s called venom hide raptor or something.

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My mistake, but the main point is this, If I worked for it, I should have it. I should be able to show it off.


I am totally against blizzard linking retail and classic… having said that I think the fact blizzard has outright removed items from the game… like anthema/benediction, while turning other items into gold sinks like tier 3… is completely abhorrent design. You are removing content from your game to appease such a small portion of people… most of whom got their tier 3, and other rare items in TBC… AFTER vanilla… it just goes to show you how poor blizzards decision making is on some things.

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You will have it-- in Classic.


I mean there is a set of boots that goes with a leather set that can only be obtained by a quest from desolace but the quest no longer exists but the rest of the chain does. Long story short, those boots are no longer available because the quest was removed.

That said I don’t think you should be able to get items on modern wow you earned in classic.

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no duh sherlock.

But you are missing the point of what people are saying, if I put my damn time in classic, I will want to show it off, there will be players playing BOTH retail and classic, and guess what, there will be those playing one over the other. As a player that is going to be playing both, I want to get the stuff I obtained, appearances, or mounts, should be crossed over to retail. I am not asking for transmog in classic, still think it’s a cool feature for an rpg element.


Yes but if you allow people to collect items in classic they will be stealing items from people who actually want to use them in classic so they can transmog them in retail… this dynamic did not exist in vanilla and it would be gameplay altering/breaking. Retail players would literally be segregated.

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And? you’re acting like ninja looting wasn’t a thing in classic wow when it was.