Please RE-Merge OCE+US

Wow toksik

hello pls merge thx

Be dismissive all you like. Wanting to play on 20ms instead of 200 is very much rational when the population exists to support it. Those who held that view (me included) were just operating on a far too optimistic assumption about the Oceanic community. People with what I assume to be your view point were just far more correct in their assumption.

I don’t think any amount of optimism warrant the backlash Blizzard received. You can’t blame them for not wanting to touch this issue with a ten foot pole.

It wasn’t an assumption, it was an educated guess based on research, logic, and theory.

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As I said you were correct. Reason, logic and theory can lead to multiple potential outcomes. There is also a certain amount of queue time/QoL degradation people will accept in the trade off for better ping which has to be factored in.

Regardless, I do not believe the most productive way to behave when someone/many people say they changed their mind and you were right all along is to then throw it back in their face. This just causes greater divide, unless you now just want to watch the game suffer because everyone didn’t agree with you at first?

Lastly, not every post was disrespectful or rude in response to Blizzard’s OCE + NA merge. Many people were just stating their views. Any company that would withhold services from paying customers for the actions of a few on the fringe is doomed to begin with…

When you base that research, logic, and theory on our reality, the only outcome was what happened.

Sure, not every post. Just the majority of them.

In either case, Blizzard loses. They are met with vitriol for trying to act proactively. Now, once again they are being met with vitriol for listening to the players at the start of TBCC.

Who do they listen to here?

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not random spastics on the forums, which unfortunately seems to be where they base most of their policy decisions from

Well when there’s 1700 of them, and they’re all making obscene threats, it’s hard not to listen to them.

This isn’t a fun answer, but I wouldn’t suspect changes until WotLK. What we needed was more people defending the change the first time around but unfortunately, we can’t go back in time.

Hopefully, Blizzard will try to do it again in WotLK launch of arena and we will be ready that time.

Look, I honestly can’t fault your logic. I hope they change it back. I 100% wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t, for basically the reasons you gave.

I just saw this now for the first time somehow… of course. 100%. Without a doubt they should merge. Or let OCE players transfer here some my closest friends in wow to this day I met in retail (at the time it was wotlk and other xpacks) are Australian… don’t know why this has not been implemented already.

More population is always good plus we need some more ppl here on NA not as serious with some good humor…

please sir, can we have a morsel of response :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

wtb response @kaivax

There’s a post up in the community council forums too - wtb response please.

At a bare minimum they should re-emerge the bg’s

lights are on but is anyone home?

Bump again merge us and oce

Can flick that merge switch to on pls

There is some fun in letting the massive horde community live in the bed they made while the alliance players all stopped pvping because we got enough of it in the open world, but a limited Oce+US battleground/arena queue during our downtime would be alright.

Though i think its too late and the bed is made as Blizz only wanted to make one drastic change and not many small changes as the playerbase adjusted.

RIP OCE! not feeling the love blizz… no response is weaksauce!

looks like another season of playing on Tuesday evening for the weekly 10games for points otherwise Its a 10min+ queue’s and the same 2 teams playing each other at probably a huge rating difference