Please RE-Merge OCE+US

Sounds like an issue for a different thread?

The clear solution moving forward is to use the retail system where you can only get a US pop after a couple of minutes in queue.

If the player population has the potential for OCE like you say it does, then having the merger wouldn’t change anything at all for anybody anyway, as there would be constant queues. It really does sound like a win-win to me.

I think the “horde v horde queues will give us gear and that’ll fix arena” thing is a cop out.

I don’t think faster queues are going to fix the arena issue as we already had an AV weekend with 10minute queues followed by an instant queue weekend test resulting in no better queues for OCE arena.

The longer we wait the more people that want to play arena are going to get bored and move on since we don’t know if it’s going to just remain unplayable for 90% of the week.

There was a 1000+ message thread of posts from OCE players who preferred lower latency and longer queue times.

That’s the only reason why Blizzard caved.

Where are those 1000? certainly not playing arena…


It’s not really. It is related to this

You need to understand how bad the current battleground situation is for OCE horde and this likely directly has effected the number of people who end up doing arena here outside of 10 games a week.

Currently there are 2 types of players in pvp.

  1. Those that have farmed before TBC came out and could buy 4+ items immediately.
  2. Those that are still waiting on a 2-6 hour Qs getting barely 2000 a day.

Please review this thread. Many people are vehemently against the merge. Blizzard is accused of being out of touch, making the worst change possible, etc.

After that backlash, why would Blizzard then go and merge the realms again anyway?

I maxed my rogue last week and queued plenty of arena on it with nothing but a pvp trinket.

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I’ve been 70 for a little over a week and AV literally hasnt even happened once. I couldnt even buy gear if I somehow had the honor due to no tokens.

You also cant expect 1 weekend o fast qs to be enough for people to catch up and be in the position to do multiple Qs of arena games.

To be honest, at the end of the day, in order for you to gain some momentum and traction on this particular topic, in the hopes of implementing some changes, I would recommend that you scrap this current thread, and come up with a different approach.

Spend some time gathering some statistics, your experiences, how many of the same team comps you come across, and provide some examples.

Because right now, the only people really pushing this thread is a group of people from your guild “Titan” on Arugal which I imagine is your 5’s team specifically, along with 2 alt accounts that were created less than 45 minutes ago to post in support.

The Ping Issue: Investigate this one first, do your own traceroutes, ping tests, whatever, post some examples and try seek direction on what specific US server you want us to be merged with, because asking for a blanket US merger is a bit messy if you’re not familiar with the differences between US West / US East / Central

Region IP Address
The Americas (US West) (US Central)

There’s also the matter of the BG Queues for Horde, this is an entirely different topic of conversation but it plays apart of this particular problem.

So just to touch on what I’ve said regardless.

If the population for OCE is growing and are awaiting BG changes, that’s great. Give us merged servers in the meantime so those playing arena can actually play the game. Once the population has grown enough, then the US queues wouldn’t even happen anymore due to player activity not causing the queue timer to go into the US threshold.

If the population for OCE is dwindling, merge the servers and save the remaining OCE participants.

If you are very heavily AGAINST playing into american players, then you can force OCE-only by dropping your queue before the 2 minute threshold.

It literally works for everybody, and will increase participation.


After every week more and more people have gear but there’s no change to the availability of queues.

After you have your BG gear are you going to move on to say that people don’t want to be farmed by those who have full gladiator gear and we should wait for season 2 before pointing out any issues?

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I mean it doesn’t really help if you just comment on everything and try to minimize what they say, for example you just lied and said I made accounts…

Chundus is ptard from arugal

rookere is a popular OCE arena player

Belquin isnt from titan

Acro is an alliance warlock.

The thread was just made at midday on a weekday dude, settle down.

I made this thread in response to everyone actually queueing arena having complaints about the queues and wishing for the merge.

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You can literally see an accounts forum creation date, and there’s two of them less than an hour old in this thread posting in support, that’s why I brought that up.

You started this thread off with your Arena team specifically posting in support, but not really providing any middle ground for the majority of people that initially voted against it.

That’s why I’m suggesting maybe revisit this topic with some examples, statistics, experiences, and a suggestion on how it can satisfy the majority rather than the minority.

every point I’ve said describes how a us-w merger would benefit (almost) every single player.

Which accounts? Does it say that date because it’s their first time posting on wow forums?

Blizzard already tried to merge Oceania and US and many people spoke out against it.

Thanks dude I definitely mentioned that in the thread message, please have a read.

Both these accounts here you guys used to boost / bump your own post in support of yourselves, one of these alt accounts is in “Titan” but it’s an alt account, why not post on the main mhmmm? Same Guild, less than 2 hours old Forum account… - 2 hours ago

This account, first poster, 1 hour old. - 1 hour ago

You guys are 100% using alt accounts to support your argument, rather than conducting an actual exercise of gaining some statistics, and examples to present your argument.

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So then why did you make this thread if you already know that people are generally against the merge?

Where was the middle ground for those who initially wanted to keep the merge? Right now they’re the ones actually trying to play arena but can’t because of the issues mentioned in this thread. I created my account today because I want to play the game but I can’t. What Rookere is saying literally benefits everyone.

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