Please RE-Merge OCE+US

Agreed, trying to minimize how much ping affects you personally is not a good argument.

The problem here is the availability of arena queues.

Arena is simply to hard to queue outside of some specific peak hours, hell even during peak hours it can be hard to have any quality games.

Fair enough, I haven’t queued 3s or 5s in TBC yet, on average how often would you guys say you encounter the same team? Or teams that are similar rating?

Might need to kick off some examples of what your guys experiences are so far with it, for me I’m completely ignorant on it - and only commenting based from a ping perspective

Did you know it was US west or east or was it just by feel? Did you trace-route somewhere? Was your ISP routing garbage? My point is more the whole experience seemed inconsistent and unstable. Internet connections were worse 10 years ago and I never had that kind of lag in bgs then.

As Haiku said the issue people have with BGs should be solved with either specific BG related matchmaking fixes or overall OCE v US matchmaking vetos.

If i try to queue before 6pm at 1800mmr in 3v3 I will wait 10 minutes and vs a 1400 team thats just queueing games for pts.

If I queue on a super hot night (best situation possible) there will be 3 or 4 teams queueing above 1800, and after one team loses a couple of times they will stop and we will vs the same team a bunch of times with 5+ minute queues since the system tries to avoid matching the same teams again.

2v2 is the hottest bracket and if I were to queue now I would sit in a 10 minute queue. If i was 1500 i would queue into some other 1500 team but then get them again and again because we’d be the only 2 teams in the entire region queueing.

Like I said in the beginning last night at PEAK time we vsd only one team a few times and when they stopped we sat a 15 minute queue to get matched against a 1500 team (the only other team on the entire region queueing)

I think you need to consider most of us on the OCE still can’t even get pvp gear due to the 2-6 hour BG q times. This likely has a big impact on those who end up even doing arenas.

A lot of people, myself included dont really want to be farmed all day by people with gear so just do 10 games and wait till they introduce hvh.

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As evidenced from this thread, it seems like the VAST majority does not want to merge with US.

But that’s outside blizzards control, it’s the same argument hordes whine with the bg queues… “alliance dont queue to pvp” you can’t force people to be GY camped and expect them to do nothing.

People just dont do arena in general it’s a side game for most and this matter is adapt and adjust… other places in the world shouldnt suffer poor player experience that they are also paying like you to play the game with good ms.

Last WSG weekend I farmed about 10 hours per day and still only ended up getting 600-700 honor an hour.

During the week so far the Qs have been upwards of 6 hours for anything besides a WSG (I got screens as proof).

Nobody wants to Q arenas seriously knowing they are just going to get dominated by those with gear.

One oceanic person has posted that they’re against it, please read through the comments before posting something like this.

Don’t merge OCE thanks


That thread post you’re mentioning has hundreds of likes and hundreds of comments vehemently degrading Blizzard for the merge.

They’re not going to bring the merge back after that. Contrary to popular belief, Blizzard actually DOES listen to players.

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Real post Below, but TL;DR at top: Merge OCE with US, use retail system (incl. ONLY US-W servers when cross-regioning ).

I agree with the merge. I detest the prospect of myself and other oceanic players needing to transfer to U.S servers / make alts there just to be able to get games. There are not enough players on oceanic realms to be able to keep queues going strongly, ESPECIALLY as you start reaching some of the higher rating echelons.

Implement the system that retail holds, where after a couple of minutes in a queue, you are open to region-wide queues and may be placed against teams from u.s realms on a US-W server.

The hopes of OCE arena having a self-sustaining ecosystem for PvP will be met with ruin, Merging is the only solution moving forward, else there will be even less participation in future patches to come.

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Yup, I did do this, Blizzard has their IP’s posted publicly for anyone to do their own ping test, traceroute, pathping, here:

Region IP Address
The Americas (US West) (US Central)

I’m quite fortunate with my internet connection so there’s very little hops that my connection goes through before it enters the international domain, I’m connecting through a Wholesaler directly rather than the ISP.

You can test it yourselves by opening Command Prompt (assuming your Windows because who the hell buys a MAC??) - do a ping test and see if there’s much differences for where you physically are at the moment

Let’s say you have full gear, how much arena are you going to play?

That’s literally why I rolled on this server and bought classic. I want to do nothing else but I’m not going to waste my time until I have some gear.

I’m in a guild of 50 people who all recently rolled here to do nothing but arena and the vast majority are still waiting for gear until they bother with arenas.

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I also know someone irl who rolled here at the same time. Has basically quit until they fix the battleground issue.

Nobody wants to bother with arenas knowing you wl just get clapped at 1700 or so vs pepple who stocked up with 75k+100 Mark’s pre patch.

Nobody also wants to sit in 2-6 hour Q times as horde tp get the gear in order to enter arenas.

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So your argument is that the long queues make you not want to play the game?

This is precisely the OCE-only arena issue.

I don’t expect it to get better as it’s only getting worse a month into the season.

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What you just explained here is why I haven’t bothered with Arena in Phase 1 so far, I do not want to timesink 8 hours + a day in order to get into 4-5 Battlegrounds, to spend days farming singular pieces / dealing with the onslaughts of Premades etc.

I genuinely do wonder if the Horde V Horde BG’s become reintroduced, if we will see a surge of Arena players afterwards - I’ll be one of them.


Address the issue with battlegrounds first. Give it a month and then if there is still an issue you have a good reason to protest to get the arenas merged. But right now it’s near impossible to even get a basic small bit of pvp gear to feel like doing any arenas.

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My argument is people cant even get basic resilience gear at all from battlegrounds which means they will not want to Q arenas knowing they will be stuck getting farmed by those with full pvp gear.