Please make Cooking Impossible a regular BG

Please make this fun and enjoyable battleground into a regular BG. It has a fun unique map and it shouldn’t be available only in brawls.


well thats one opinion.


Maybe they should just scrap the “brawls” thing altogether and release all these maps into the general pool. I don’t care about that “Something Different” brawl quest, just let me play the maps I like 24/7.

Overnight RBGs would be way more fun (due to a fresh infusion of 10-15 man maps), and epics as well (due to Southshore vs Tarren Mill).

If they simply rolled all the “brawl” maps into the existing bg pool, casual unrated bgs would stay fresh/fun for years. I’m no game dev, but I’m guessing all it requires is a simple copy-paste from the “brawls” file to the “battlegrounds” file.

Timegating fun bgs with this strange “one week, every 3 months” arrangement is so dumb. If this is a paid/for-profit $15 per month game then the content should be accessible whenever imo.


And could go back to bg weekends again

ROFL, snort! OMG :rofl: :joy: :joy:

The adding actually seems like a good idea. Maybe to expand on this, one of each epic and regular should retire for a week and then rotate back in, keeping the BGs going at a good pace. Imagine logging in next week to find out the BG you hate the most is not in the rotation!
As much as I disliked SoTA, I feel it should be brought back in.

I really miss that!

Or how about… just permanently add all the maps? :man_shrugging:

Just scrap the “brawls” feature altogether, and release all the maps to bg’ers (and RBG’ers). It’s simple.

I personally like brawls and the rewards from them. I would rather see epic and random take a time out since we have had the blacklist feature taken out. Person preference I guess. :woman_shrugging:t3:

I like the idea of SSvTM being an epic BG at least. I know I hated SOTA but that should be a brawl. Make use of a map they already had if you’re going to continue brawls.

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So let me get this straight… a one-time payout of 65 conquest for bg maps that you only get to play once every 3 months? Sounds like a very poor trade to me :thinking:

I would rather have the ability to play these maps 24/7, even if it meant no rewards. I spam Southshore vs Tarren Mill (…almost non-stop while logged in) because I genuinely enjoy the bg, I could care less about the measly 8 conquest points or 400-500 honor that I get from a win.

“Rewards” is not the reason I sign up to some of these brawl maps, that I can assure you :yum:

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jesus if you think that’s fun then idk

I prefer the snowstorm AB, basically the perfect BG.


Reading must not be your strong suit. I never ONCE said I only wanted it once every 3 months. :woman_facepalming:t3:

I can’t express how much adding all the brawls to the standard rotations is a terrible idea. It’s one thing to add the most loved ones (Arathi Blizzard), but there isn’t enough differentiation between a lot of these maps and their normal versions to make them interesting.

A lot of them open up balance problems, too, so to suggest they are added to the Rated Battleground queue is madness. Gravity Lapse is a perfect example of a map that continues to have game breaking disconnect bugs, and you want to add it to Rated…? Deep Six also has no changes aside from making it fit to 6 people to any of the maps featured, just fewer players. None of the arena brawls would work as a rated battleground, either.

They haven’t had a PvP director for several expansions. It shows.

2 new categories:

  • Brawls
  • Classic bgs, including the original Korrak’s and both AB and WSG, tuned and templated so everybody could play together, including levelers, twinks, and max levels.

Honestly, I’d rather play Seething Shore than Cook-off, and I hate Seething Shore.

Also, that poster’s view is very narrow-minded. It’s not “65 conquest every 3 months”.

You get 65 conquest every 2 weeks from the quest thanks to the rotation, in addition to an extra 280 conquest per week a brawl is active that you wouldn’t get if they were in the normal queue??

Nice try with the blindsiding the carrot-on-the-stick people with your terrible math, Warzug. Your suggestion would make them receive less ‘reward’.

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eww no, i don’t like that brawl, at all. If they are gunna add one just add them all.


Considering you spend most your time in RBGs, I’m surprised you’re against new maps being added.

RBGs are kind of stale right now due to certain unfun bg maps being present in the rotation (Deepwind Gorge, Seething Shore, Silvershard Mines). When you factor out these unfun maps, it’s only like 6 somewhat fun maps in the pool.

New maps being added would “dilute” the pool of bgs and make the unfun/unpopular bgs pop less often. My chances of getting Deepwind Gorge would go from 1 in 9 (11%) to 1 in 18 (5%) - which is a plus imo.

They can just work on the balancing issues later once players have had a chance to mess around in the new maps/identify the meta strats. You assume that maps can’t be fixed/tweaked to iron out problems, which they can.

That’s really the only fair way to do it if you think about it. Because some players want X, some players want Y, and other players want Z they should either add everything or not add any at all.