Please let us choose who steers the bird in duos

My gaming buddy never gets to fly, I suck at it, and he really wants to…but I have the faster internet connection so I always get to fly.

Let us choose please!!!



I was wondering how this worked, and just assumed it was bugged, or there was some obvious option that I was just missing. My girlfriend and I queue duos, and she is ALWAYS the pilot, no matter who invited who or queued us up. We played around with a bunch of stuff but it seemed like nothing could change it. We’re on the same network, though she is actually the one using wifi while I’m using ethernet.

It sucks because she absolutely despises having to steer the bird, but has to do it literally every time.

I’m always the steerer and I’m tired of my buddy giving me grief when I miss an elite. I want him missing so I can give some grief back. :sweat_smile:

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The “group leader” steers. The leader is whoever loaded in to the lobby first.

Have we confirmed this? Because I’ve done hundreds of matches and I have NEVER been the passenger, I’m the pilot every single time. It doesn’t seem possible that I would be the first to load into the lobby every time for hundreds of matches.

I wouldn’t say its confirmed, but that’s been my experience. Need others to weigh in.
I am the pilot every time I play with my duo, except when I’m tabbed out doing something else while I load into the game which delays it and makes him pilot.

Me and my friend were having this same issue, my pc took longer to load so they were always leader in the lobby, what I started doing was setting my graphics to 1 and then queue in, Since doing that I was always leader. once in the stageing you can increase your graphics back to what you have normally set.

Exactly, and you cannot control that. It’s stupid.


It switches randomly back and forth. I only played a few Duos, but I do believe that you can exit and reform the group until the check mark is on the leader who you want to steer the bird. Have you tried that?

Remember this is just a half-baked game that people are going to play for 1 week, and was not flushed out as a fully developed thing.

You’re correct.

The intention is for the party lead to be the pilot. The bug has resulted in the same player in a Duo always being put in the pilot’s seat.

We actually fixed this bug a couple of days ago, but the fix won’t fix things until we do realm restarts.

So-- probably after scheduled weekly maintenance on Tuesday, you’ll see that the Leader is always piloting the bird.


Ok, but about random duos? Is it random who gets it? Why does lowering graphics increase the chance of being selected to be pilot?

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Because it assigns it to the first person to zone in and if your settings are lower you zone in faster.

Now to clarify.
Is this the party leader before you queue or after you load into the staging area?
I invite my wife and on the character screen I’m the party leader.
But her computer is faster and she loads in first and it makes her the leader/pilot which she doesn’t want to do.


While targeting party member when you load into the pre-game arena.

If that actually works (will try later today) you will have my undying love, lol.

Thanks for this, I am tired of being the pilot. The back seat driver has been driving me insane.