Please just stop 2 of the same spec from q'ing 3s together

Just so tired of broken stuff that arises due to this. Right now, double aff all over the top of the ladder. Really wonderful and engaging gameplay


They did. Can’t queue double brewmaster.


“Oh my god affliction is actually a deadly spec now, and must be taken seriously so I think it needs to be nerfed or unable to queue together”

Keep the same energy for double MM Hunter, Double rogue, or fire mage


You say this as if any of these are even remotely acceptable

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Then anybody interested in queuing Affliction/Affliction would just play Affliction/Demonology.

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Oh god no they’re not. But to say double aff is as bad as the others…is a laughable comparison.

dont defend it even if it isnt as good (probably is) its less enjoyable to q into


Are you inept or just can’t read? He said please stop letting the same spec queue together. He didn’t say specifically locks. Why do you guys insist on whining so much. I swear locks are professional victims.


Tbh, I’m not trying to defend it. I just think it’s funny when one spec gets buffed and all of a sudden it’s “ broken” when ran in 2’s as a double dose comp. When people complain about it all of a sudden when other double’s specs are ran in 2’s all the time, it’s a childish argument

I like how you put broken in quotes like aff locks aren’t gonna tab target 18k dps this season


I think you’re the one that’s inept at reading, he literally said in his post “double aff all up and down the ladder” lmao?

Sure affliction looks good on the meters, but 1) the damage is able to be healed through 2) it’s padded damage that’s inflated by hitting multiple targets. 3) all of it is able to be purged.

That’s what we call an example lmao. Who’s gonna gripe about double mm at 1500? :rofl::joy:

the guys even specified 3s in his tittle … and did not say anything about 2s and lock only. same spec for ALL class

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Day 1 of the season

Why does anyone care about what’s even happening rn


“Right now, double aff all over the top of the ladder. Really wonderful and engaging gameplay” idk about you, this post is clearly written bysomeone annoyed he got destroyed by double aff. Why else specifically mention it in his post about double specs in arenas?

Maybe because we want an enjoyable queuing experience?

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Aff/Aff sounds more pleasant than Aff/Demo.

Does it though?

Both sound more pleasant than the endless stream of knuckle dragging double melee players.