PLEASE just give us a PvP server already

Even if its just one PvP server. Ill join it and never leave, even if its not balanced. I would rather play on a sever that is 98% enemy faction than play 1 more day on lame war mode. War mode is the worst thing about WoW. IMO


Classic has this.

At least world pvp has decent gear you can get.

And isn’t there a progression path coming for world pvp in upcoming patches/expansion?

It’s not all bad.

And I think most people hate pvp servers because its just some sweaty nerd bothering you while you afk in between quests. Quality fights are far and few in between.

I guess the massive imbalance inherent in world pvp is what some people like.

shrug hard for me to respect it though

They aren’t creating enough new content on classic to keep players engaged

Odd that classic has more choices for players.
PvE, RP, PvP, PvP RP, Hardcore, SoD PvP, SoD PvP RP, wrath PvE, Wrath PvP, Wrath RP, Wrath PvP RP.

I’m changing what I’m going to ask for. Retail should get single player mode, where all other players are replaced by the new dungeon companions.
I believe it wouldn’t require much work. They already have herb and mining bots in game.