Please Increase the Availability of Black Lotus


The prices of the Black Lotus are getting out of hand. This resource spawn rate was designed around a population of 3-4x less players than are currently inhabiting the large servers. This problem is only going to worsen as the demand goes up with new content like AQ and Naxx. With current prices around 175g-200g, how high will you let it climb before acknowledging this problem was created by increasing server populations way beyond Vanilla’s levels?

I will admit that this is also partially caused by the player base and min-max culture. Every player does not need a flask for current content, but at the same time only a handful of players are getting to interact with lotuses in the open world. Devilsaur spawn rates were adjusted to compensate for this at the beginning of classic, now please do the same for Lotuses so campers and bots are not the only players who see them outside the AH.


blame pserver culture
no changes


I don’t believe the demand will go up any more than it did when the other raids were first released. Casual raid guilds are not going to suddenly demand raiders buy black lotus.

Black Lotus spawn will get fixed right after they introduce WOW Tokens in classic.

I can’t tell if you mean “no changes” is ps server culture or if that’s your stance.

Black lotus is out of hand and needs to be improved. I’m a player with plenty of gold and really no need for Black Lotus, but even I understand how ridiculous it is for a single flask to be pushing 200g because of the scarcity of Black Lotus. My server has 10k players raiding every week according to…there is no way the 672 Black Lotus that spawn per week are enough to keep up with that! No server back in vanilla had anywhere near the number of raiders as we see now on the large classic servers, thus the spawn rate of Black Lotus should be adjusted accordingly.


Classic players “Hahahah Classic is so easy, I could do these raids naked”.

Also classic players, “Blizzard flasks are too expensive!”.

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no more adjustments , last one just killed AV for alliance


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Why do you need flasks?

You can complete the content without them…

Stop buying

but muh buff cap !
muh parses!

Required for ZG class trinkets. If you want them. Pay up.

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There’s an easy player made solution to this, stop buying them.

ZG class trinkets…

Also not required to complete content. Keep going though.

Most of the respected vanilla private servers had a no multi-boxing policy outside of major cities. These servers also had populations sizes well over 10k+ people, and lotus availability during progression was never an issue.

The problem is not the black lotus spawn rate. It’s the duel / tri / quad boxing farmers with anti-afk programs limiting black lotus availability. Blizzard will not change this as long as they are making $ even though it has a negative effect on the community.


Oh look, someone literally incapable of contributing to a conversation due to his need to spew #nochanges. I’m sure some health discussion will be had!


Keep going with what? Just because you are able to play WoW Classic 16 hours a day, some of us cannot, most of us are ceo’s that earn over 10k/day.

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Then it should be fixed by the player base. Do you know why you have large servers? Players aren’t taking the free servers transfers off them. Blizzard has offered a solution to a problem created by the player base, and you’re refusing it and demanding that they do exactly what you would prefer.

Disregard my thoughts on this if you want, I don’t care. But ask yourself, “What are the cons to increasing Black Lotus spawn rates? Why hasn’t Blizzard done this already if it’s such an easy fix?”
I know your initial reaction will be something along the lines of, “Blizzard sucks and they’re too lazy/dumb to fix their 15 year old broken game” but maybe consider more perspectives than just your own.

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Aren’t Black Lotus also used to summon an extra boss in ZG?

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So, what you’re saying is that you have no idea how any of this works.