Please..... increase bug spawn rate

owning all of the hive regal… still not fast enough spawn rates. it’s so slow…

only 1 hive?
no wonder its slow
you need to own all 3 hives you if want scarab lord

The problem isn’t the spawn rates, it’s that servers are multiple times larger then they were in Vanilla. Blizzard never should have let the servers get this big. The game just wasn’t designed for these population numbers.


I mean, I wouldn’t put it entirely on Blizzard. There were plenty of lower population options, people flocked to the megaservers and in true elitist fashion dismissed the smaller servers as “dead” and openly badmouth them as places for crappy players in BG pugs.


Yes, but if Blizzard had put population caps on servers, players wouldn’t have been able to do that.


I think that would have been a great thing, but I don’t think most of the player base agrees with us. With server transfer locks, you see all the threads complaining “I just want to transfer to Whitemane to be with my friends.” We’d have ten times more complaints like that if they had done it and Blizzard would ultimately respond by raising the cap.

They did make an oopsie. Probably so excited to use the latest technology on such an old game that they didn’t realize we only have two continents to occupy.

There is no Outlands. There is no Northrend. Retail server populations crammed on Vanilla maps.


As the saying goes, when you try to please everyone you end up pleasing no one.


Not even close to true.
One entire hive would produce a scarab lord in less than 2 days.

Ashi would mayyybeee be 3. But zora and especially regal would def be done in 2

Do you have someone skinning the bugs?

we have farmed 2 scarab lords in hive regal and we also took a full day break and focused all of our efforts warming war materials. Bug spawns are FINE please #nochanges. You just don’t farm efficiently.

I do when I am down helping our future scarab lord. The value of the parts have plummeted.

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It’s almost as if this rep grind wasn’t designed 1) for mega servers and 2) to be completed within a week.

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You are not getting scarab lord