Please include RDF in Wotlk (Classic) Post 10

Hello, I’d just like to start off by saying how great of a time I have had in World of Warcraft:Retail, Classic, and TBC Classic. I was a late comer to the game, so Classic was like a whole new expansion to me, and I was never able to experience TBC end game. So, Classic WoW has been a wonderful experience.

What I really cut my teeth on was Wrath of the Lich King. My first raid was Wrath Nax, and my first piece of raid loot was Armageddon. Quite an amazing experience.

But one of my favorite parts of Wrath, didnt come until later. The Random Dungeon Finder. I was able to pump up alts, I leveled a paladin for the first time, tanking dungeons until Outlands. It was so much fun. Finding dungeons groups were so easy, even for DPS classes. It helped bring in some extra gold and badges, excellent when farming or knocking out dailies, and responsible for some of my best times during WotLK.

I realize RDF wasnt released at launch, and that isnt what I asking for. And im sure there is plently of room for some compromise: say treat heroics like Mythic/M+ in Retail and use the Group Finder, with leveling dungeons in the RDF. Just as a for instance.

But please

Add RDF in Wrath of the Lich Classic, there are so many of us that feel it was part of the core experience of WotLK.

Thank you for reading.


Many people share your feelings. We are with you. The claim that they listened to their community is false. They should at least release a couple servers with RDF. Thank you for your post.


Yes please, I want to have friends to run legacy dungeons with. Without LFD, I just have no hopes of ever stepping foot again in these dungeons.

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This is the reason i am posting. I have been doing it almot every day in hope of helping “the powers that be” hear my(our) voice. I would encourage you, and any others willing to do the same. Even those opposed, though that is less than ideal lol.

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Yeah I agree so many people wanted in and still a Hot Topic wherever you post on the Internet on the Internet YouTube videos the works everybody is talking about this and yet blizzard.

Really seems to just want to stick to their guns despite it being really bad for the game overall but I guess we’ll just have to see what their solution is for this.

I use that in very big " So I guess we’ll just have to see what they give us when the Beta hits that’s why hope I’m hoping the outcry when Beta hits is so bad blizzard has to bend over and go yeah we have to give this to them now crap.

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