Please implement Cross Faction Raiding C/Era

With SoM on the horizon, you will be further burying C/Era players. The community is already small as it is, and there needs to be an incentive for people to play.

It was already a big mistake to the community for charging people to clone their characters. With cross raiding it will give some of us more options to recruit for larger raids and another perspective for players to consider returning.

At least give us some indication of what your plans are for C/Era…



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I don’t think so. From what I hear the Classic Era servers are very underpopulated. Private servers have cross-faction grouping to compensate for lack of players.

Of course it’ll never happen, but I can see why people would ask for it.

Bump. I think this is something worth talking about.

Instead of further pushing Classic towards retail, why not just release less servers and keep the community


problem is the oceanic community is really small. even merging with the americans wouldn’t be able to fill a 40 man raid. It may be doable with H/A and also encourage people to come back and play. I would guess at the going rate with SoM coming it may be the deathknell for oceanic players.

I’m not for the change however you’re not wrong I give it by the time AQ comes out it’s dead.

And that’s why I keep pushing for changes

Dozens of private servers over the years prove you wrong. You are the loud minority

What are you even talking about ? This post is about classic era not SoM. Jeezus is your wrath balance tirade rotting your brain. We don’t want your crappy wrath balance. Just don’t play SoM

Why because everybody actually had good class balance the only time in history Because every single speck was fun to play and could still go into raids.

Because there was never a scenario where People were told oh no we don’t want you because your x spek.

Your options are to play phase 6 forever.

playing whatever spec you want is up to you and your raid. the limitation is on the players.

Not every class has to fill every role or be the best at maxing dps/heals/tanks. each expansion was really just the further descent into homogenising roles. more classes got a “bloodlust”, “mortal strike”, “deathwish”, etc etc.

Because this is classic with all it’s quirks and challenges. We’re done explaining this to you. You’ve posted numerous threads and replies. We got your position. It won’t happen. You’re just spamming at this point and no one takes what you seriously as you can’t even spell properly.

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I find that very humorous considering I see quite a lot of form posts about people saying Is 4 class balancing Is buff Is the under performers.

As far as my spelling goes it may not be the best But just because my spellings not good doesn’t mean my points aret.

I’m not saying Is everybody should be number one I’m not asking her that what I’m saying is

If the top is doing 1878 dps Then the bottom shouldn’t be doing any lower than 1256 dps.

Not the top is doing 1878 and The bottom is doing 2000 That’s what I’m saying

Again, this is a post on cross faction raiding in classic era. Not a place for your tirades. You have your countless other threads for that. You’re just trolling at this point. Go back to retail

If that’s true how come there are so many people crying out for balance I see tons of form posts A fact the only difference is instead of saying maybe tweak this or maybe do that I’m actually giving insane no this would be the easiest way for you guys to fix that.

On top of that Let’s be honest here Let’s be honest here Is they’re not going to take the time and actually think about the decisions they make when it comes in this type of thing.

Is therefore likely say OK let’s just give them wrath classes and call it good.

Is more than actually take the time to give classes of tweaks That’s just how blizzard is Is there going to go with the easiest way to fix something

This and it would be far easier for them just to Throw on wrath classes then Is actually trying to fix the ones that need help.

We already have xrealm pvp, transfers and open world xrealm grouping, that has driven a lot of classic fans away, if you add xrealm dungeons too then the this will be the final nail in the coffin.

On my realm, raiding works just fine. You cant tell me that you wont find 40 people once a week for a raid! Raids do happen.

What you do on SOM I dont care, these realms will be dead a few weeks in anyways.

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xrealm pvp is broken af and is obviously a bug.

atm we do xrealm wbosses to help each other out. In oceanic there may be just enough to raid 40mans but it is split between the two factions. Ever since Cera launch it’s been a struggle for raiders for oceanic, people will come but will soon leave and not stick around. Could of easily made a 40man raid with the amount of people who came and left preferring not to stick around.

There needs to be some intervention from Blizzard’s part.