Please help: Need advice for my friend

My friend has gotten into Dragonflight, and has been enjoying it. Hes not new to wow, but hasnt really played since legion. Hes never been an end game player, just gets to max messes around and does the story and then stops.
This is the first time ive been able to get him to do keys, and hes been running ww. Again, not brand new to ww but not used to how it works now.

Anyway, we were doing a key, a DH was being toxic and wouldnt let me rez my friend after he died to whatever. The calls out he shouldnt have to wait for such low dps blah blah try hard. My friend got upset and left the key just before the last boss saying hes not sure he wants to do keys anymore. Hes frustrated his damage is low for his ilvl. (390~)

He was using Skyreach, and i told him to drop that for Whirling Dragon Kick because it would be more consistent and big aoe damage for trash so he could see some big numbers. He did, we saw an increase, and then we did this key…

So as someone who hasnt really touched monk for a few years, where do you think he can improve? Besides getting better gear obviously. Way to tweek his spec? Big damage losses your aware of in rotation? Anyway snapshotting? Just need help giving him advice since monk is supposedly S tier in m+ right now.

Here is his armory

Appreciate it

There’s a bit to unpack here but a couple things first off. Wouldn’t let you Rez him? Dude, the DH isn’t your dad, rez who you want and grow a backbone and stand up for your friend. Take him on a few keys with some other friends or guild mates or find a learner community to participate in.

Second, dropping sky reach for whirling is a dps loss not a gain. I suggest you point your friend in the direction of the peak of serenity discord and website which is peakofserenity .com

I mean the DH could have been the tank and just pulling things.

Let’s not start off being passive aggressive

Everyone can link things you just have to format properly.

As for the op

It’s not so much better gear as different gear, his versatility is extremely low.
For us because of how mastery and versatility react with each other, it becomes uberly important.
Almost to the point I would almost suggest dropping some ilvl (not much) to get more vers, a thing to consider is trying to get some higher end pvp gear, but pvp can definitely get pretty toxic too, especially trying to jump in as a ww with not much xp (we are paper tigers)

Make sure to get the sparks ofnlife quest at least, plenty of 388(?) Vers ilvl gear.

As for spec, I haven’t really pved quite enough this xpac but for someone newer to m+ I would make something like this for them


Once you get use to the class and dpsing during m+ you can tweak it a bit to help with increasing more. But this would be a decent overall spec to mess with while learning the ins and outs to m+ (which is mostly just learning when you can and can’t use cds)

I picked up escape from reality for a bit more defensive nature and for higher uptime, for example if the boss has something you have to avoid then this makes it perfect as you can teleport before it goes off and then quickly return with a teleback when it’s safe.
As well he can heal himself a bit more.

#showtooltip Tiger Palm
/stopmacro [channeling:Fists of Fury]
/cast Tiger Palm

#showtooltip Blackout Kick
/stopmacro [channeling:Fists of Fury]
/cast Blackout Kick

#showtooltip Rising Sun Kick
/stopmacro [channeling:Fists of Fury]
/cast Rising Sun Kick

As for rotation it becomes a matter of whack a mole for the most part.
Basically you don’t want to let fist of fury (fof) and rising sun kick (rsk) to remain on cd for too long in most situations.
Don’t fall into the trap of spinning crane kick (sck) too much as you might energy/chi starve yourself.
Make sure dance of chi ji procs are used asap especially on packs, keep an eye on stacks for sck during packs and maintain the 5 if the numbers allow.
Also, during sck he can actually use instant cast attacks like tigerpalm (tp), (rsk) and blackout kick (bok), so during dance procs you can use one of those to dump chi or energy you gained for that free (sck)

Tips for m+

You can use flying serpent kick (fsk), expel harm, and chi wave to keep stacking/refreshing the xuen proc between packs.
And if you time it right you can hit the boss with a high chance proc xuen stacked with reg xuen and some sef for some massive burst.

Becareful with using sef and keep an eye out in packs when the mobs die, you might have to refocus them towards new targets as sometimes they just mill around for some reason.

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How about you worry about you. He asked for ideas and I gave them, including where he doesn’t remain in a group letting his friend get ragged on until he leaves before the last boss. He should have suggested to his friend to find a new group. Part of helping his friend enjoy this game is showing him support while actually playing and reinforcing that those people in groups are the exception not the norm. He could’ve just as easily sat down and stopped healing , tanking, dps’ing to prove a point, but he didn’t.

Also, no I cannot add links and he can easily type peakofserenity in Google. The information on the website and discord is infinitely more valuable than anything you or I are going to regurgitate here.

Alright internet tough guy, you keep marching on keyboard warrior.

You know how I know you can?

My trust level is only member

Meaning I can’t do links normally either, but if you format correctly it doesn’t matter

All you have to do is use the frame of ` which is to the left of the 1 on your keyboard

Or highlight the link in text and hit the available button on the website that looks like </>

And it will come out like this

It’s funny not everyone requires reading guides to know things, I for one have never read a monk guide, never felt the need

I think you’re underestimating how little I care about your opinion. I’ve responded to you twice now, there won’t be another.

To OP, the harshest truths are obviously the hardest to hear, but they are often the most valuable. It’s great you want to help your friend get better at the game, and you should, but your primary goal should include being a good friend and helping him feel comfortable in the game regardless of his current skill level. That means finding more likeminded players and enjoying the content together and bailing on toxic players when you have to.

The DH was the tank and kept interrupting my rez cast. Not sure why you would assume i wouldnt just stop and rez him if i could…

Skyreach gets him killed constantly, and i dont think he is utilizing the 6 seconds let alone aware of when it is up. Thus whirling dragon kick aoe > skyreach. Cookie cutter doesnt work for everyone.

I will have a look at peak at serenity, thank you.

This is extremely helpful, i didnt realize his vers was low.

You are correct, the DH was the tank and kept putting me in combat.

Really appreciate the write up.

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Actually i did stop. The tank continued to pull. And even though i was not near the trash, it was still putting me in combat interrupting my cast. They kept pulling and died, and thus the argument and then my friend leaving. There was no “remaining in the group while they ragged on him.” Conversation was 2 mins long as ran back from being dead.

Also, we were trying to get him primal focuses and it was his key at 11. So insta leaving seemed a bit dramatic considering our goal.

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Hopefully he can find some enjoyment, sucks people like edge lord up there make it seem like it’s ok people like your tank exist.

Ya, was definitely frustrating.

He starting bragging about KSM, and how my friend should be running all the way around for Vexamus* in AA, i said its faster to just rez, why not just wait. But he knew better!.. mean while, when i pointed out he wasnt letting anyone los the wyrm to keep it from jumping, i was met with “its just an 11”. The hypocrisy was unreal.

Hopefully with this help i can key him to finish up his primal focus. Decided that i will tank all his keys, since thats why i primarily do anyway, instead of healing on an alt.

I get the part about it being his key, but a bricked key is a bricked key. Your friend obviously didn’t feel the same way, hence him leaving the group.

I know you said above that cookie-cutter doesn’t work for everyone and you’re absolutely right. I just think there’d be more value in it for your friend to learn to properly utilize skyreach. If he uses lower dps talents as an average player, he’s going to feel like his dps is lower than the average player, which defeats the purpose of what you’re asking for. Skyreach killed me quite a few times in the beginning as well, but once you learn to play around it, it actually becomes an advantage in most situations.

I linked the peak website and discord so he can take a look at the openers, talent builds, ability interactions, etc. The site also has some nice weak auras (such as one to track skyreach) and all of the macros that the dude above listed. All the information he could possibly need is there. Then, if he has further questions he can ask on the discord where he can get answers from some of the best monk players around. The guy above may seem like the nice one here, but he’s leading your friend astray. That build he posted is terrible. That build has no strike of the windlord/thunderfist, no hit combo, no flying guillotine, no eye of the tiger, chi wave instead of chi burst, etc. All of those things are objectively bad choices.

Maybe I read too much between the lines on your original post and if I did I apologize, It just sounds to me that what your friend really needs is a good, and patient, guild or community to participate in. He’s in your guild, are they active in doing keys together? Would he be better served by you both joining one of the WoW in-game communities that do keys? They have “no leaver” groups which sound like they might be a good place to start until he builds his confidence.

As I mentioned because you didn’t bother reading

Cooldown management around what packs to pop cds to pull is more dps increase than having proper “meta” spec.

I’ve got 5 more xpacs worth of experience as a ww than you, teaching other windwalkers as well, I’ve got a pretty solid grasp what it takes to teach newer wws for both pve and pvp.
Considering my average parse on raids (when I bother to pve) is in the mid 90s range, with nyo having constant 99s, even with using experimental builds.

While you’re just some cuttie cooker fotm follow the guides to a tee.

It’s called picking up the fundamentals before trying to build rockets.

Chi burst hasn’t been needed for quite some time, cuts the flow of the spec and we’ve been overflowing with chi since dance came out, and that has only increased further with us being able to do power strikes, ascension, fof chi return, and rsk chi return.

Another reason not to get it is he wasn’t using it in the first place, so 2 reasons to not pick it for him at this time; is the same reason we hated hunters who used barrage, pulling packs that weren’t needed and ease of access for him.
Edit: Oh I also remember why I didn’t bother with burst, he has way too much haste, he doesn’t need the regen

Sotwl is just another cd for him to juggle while also trying to learn the pulls and routes.

The largest increase to his overall damage is going to be the touch of death nodes, that he didn’t have, and dance of chiji, which he also didn’t have.

I told you already that I’m not interested in an argument with you. Throw the insults all you want and continue to stamp your feet and claw to get the last word.

I saw you type on and off for 44 min to just say that.

And that’s why I know

it’s not an argument when you have no leg to stand on, be condescending all you want but that doesn’t give you any superiority, just a false one.

I gave solid reasonings to why to give and you just try to slam me for zero reason.

I started typing then went into a SBG 17 if you really need to know. You need to chill and let it go. I don’t and won’t agree with you. I think you’re wrong, you think I’m wrong, whatever. You’re all upset and just keep clinging to this random argument. I don’t care what you have to say, I told you that.

I know you’re wrong, and I have the experience to back it up.

enough to keep typing.
Considering twice now you have said you won’t respond to me.

Okay, man. You do you.

Does he run addons? Specifically weakauras could help here and he can navigate to find things on Find ones that he needs help keeping track of and also anything to help throw the CD timers in his face a bit more.

I struggle with looking at the bar because I am focused on whats in front/around me more often and the defaults don’t help with that.

Also, trust Thebulk, Vers is definitely a game changer, and ilvl != always better for WW when we have specific stats we need.

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