Please get rid of spite trinkets

They just ruin the game. I hate using it. I hate it fighting into it. Its just a disgusting trinket that ruins the gameplay.


Zero trinkets on a 1 minute CD should pull defensives like it does. It buffs certain comps and ruins others.

It ruins the game and helps bad people take advantage of not knowing how to use their CDs for kills.



Spite needs to do just 1 literal damage and it would be so much better.

But still, remove this trash af trinket.

I.e rogues using blind for spite stacks instead of setups.

That to me isnt intended gameplay

on paper i like the idea of the ‘all in’ aspect. Like putting so much faith into the strategy that you’d commit blind to the kill target for setup.

But in reality it’s just unfair, completely forgiving 1 minute cd trinket that pairs well with any class that has blind into a incap into a stun. Paladin can help if rogues spite wooshes. WW/DK do it with the frost blind, and then ofc Rogue, lol.

On Paper, it’s a really neat setup. In reality, 100-0 limited counterplay not fun for anyone.

It’s amazing how much of this expansion is ‘item stacking’ or ‘trait stacking’ or ‘corruption stacking’ leading to literally every balance problem we’ve had. Not to mention class stacking.

Can’t wait to see where covenant stacking, soulbind stacking, and legendary stacking takes us! ha ha haaaaaaaaa


ur not required to my dude

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Even though why wouldn’t you if it cuts the effort you have to put in by more than half? It’s so free it’s ridiculous. It’s just like how both Frost and Arcane are also two very solid specs, but why would you play them if Fire exists? Unless you’re a diehard fan, there’s no reason to.

idk i try to use it playing rmp and dont see much success with it but ive only tried it a handful of times

You’re also not required to run melee weapons and attack with your fist but it gives you an advantage in a competitive ladder. In a competitive game, people are going to use it and if you don’t utilize every tool in the box you are playing at a disadvantage.

lol rmp / rmpal is so meta rn that you dont need spite at ALL dude maybe if youre pushing like r1 or something but not glad

Like I said you don’t need to use anything in the game. People are different caliber players and suggesting that a person trying to get glad/duelist/2700 achieve should overlook spite because Xaryu and Pikaboo can get it Rank 1 without it is kind of a weird argument as to why it should exist in the game.

They will help 2k players into some matchups, some 2.4k players, some 2.7k players. Its absurdly broken vs certain specs / comps, and especially less experienced players that don’t know how to deal with it.

you defend tank players with that mouth?


I don’t know what this means =(