Please get rid of depletion in M+


Again though, as I said in my post, considering all keys are rng, you can end up with a 15 DoS without ever having done DoS > 10 before within a given season.

Probably true. Yet somehow one of them knew enough to know you were doing something out of the ordinary pathing wise. Maybe he was going off of a 9.1 route? Or you were using a route with skips, or relying on cds, or lust, or just otherwise uncommon in the +15 space, but more common in the >= 20+ range.

Or maybe his gear was trash, or whatever. What was his IO? Is this his first +15… his “golden ticket” you just spit all over?

I guess I just don’t instantly jump all over a players throat.

This is a byproduct of how M+ is designed.

You follow the tank. How hard is that to understand

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There is a little known npc in ori that will drop a key you have no experience with. Use it.

I literally went in a circle. Hakkar first then Manastorm. No invis skips. As pug friendly as you can ask for.


Btw halls of atonement is like the easiest key and I have no idea how people continue to screw it up so badly.

It’s cursed I tell you.

Ok, then yeah, guess I don’t know what he was talking about.

Still though you can see how some players may not know all the boss mechanics if they don’t run keys regularly?

I just think folks have unrealistic expectations if you weren’t doing it in week 1.

Early on, tank/lead would just say “target urh unless I say otherwise”. Cool, everyone is on the same page.

  • Now you are just expected to know that the pull on the platform of the third boss in SoA is always Wo.
  • Or that the pull after Mistcaller is sometimes Urh or sometimes Wo depending on whether or not we want to skip to the last boss or not, which even I don’t know what the pattern is (is it Tyrannical, or the fact that lust is on CD, or just a judgement call by the tank). I still don’t know and I’ve had KSM for weeks.
  • Or that sometimes the first pull in SOA/HOA on fortified weeks is a large pull and you lust through it depending on your tank and/or interrupts (on SoA).

Guess you weren’t around in legion when keys completely depleted they didn’t just drop 1 level…

bosses are very deadly on tyrannical as you pass a mark of +14 or so.

just start the timer at +16 if you must have it.

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honestly, i think mythic + players would be a lot less toxic if key depletion was removed. One of the major reasons someone gets toxic in mythic + is because they worked hard to level their key up and increase their rating, then someone comes in and just bricks the key by doing dumb things. im not saying that makes it ok to be toxic, but its certainly understandable.

if blizzard removed key depletion, then the leaders of these keys could just shrug it off and say “oh well, we try again.” start new group with new people and have another go at it.

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Or make everyone have some skin in the game.

The horrific visions required everyone to provide their own key.

I still think they should let people release on bosses.

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lots of achievements were missed that way.