Please fix Earthen Power (Enh talent)

I would like to point back to an issue that has been reported since the Beta and has yet to be addressed or has even had much discussion around it but is a significantly impactful bug currently effecting Enhancement Shaman in WotLK Classic, specifically in PvP combat.

Earthen Power, a deep enhancement shaman talent is not functioning properly in its current state. The text for this talent reads - “Your Earthbind Totem’s pulses have a 50% chance to also remove all snare effects from you and nearby friendly targets, and your Earth Shock reduces enemy attack speed by an additional 5%”, with the ability to add an additional talent point into Earthen Power to increase those previously mentioned values to allow your earthbind totem’s pulses a 100% chance to remove snare effects from the casting shaman and nearby friendly targets, while also reducing enemy attack speed by an additional 10% when applying the earth shock debuff to a hostile target, respectively.

The issue with this talent is that earthbind is NOT removing all snare effects on the casting shaman and friendly targets. Earthbind will remove one snare immediately upon placement of the totem, and then one additional snare per tick of earthbind totem from all friendly targets within range of the pulse effect. This behavior is in direct conflict with the language presented in the 2/2 talented version of Earthen Power.

Enhancement suffers tremendously in the current PvP meta from movement impairing effects, generally being considered one of the least mobile of melee specs, and addressing this bugged talent could bring the spec back in line with their intended design of having an ability on a relatively short cooldown to always clear snare effects, while still leaving the spec and their party members vulnerable to rooting effects. In Enhancement Shamans current state the spec and their party members are vulnerable to and also greatly punished by rooting effects AND snares, which can be attributed to this bugged talent exclusively.


(attached I’ve included a link that redirects to the classic bugs github which further explains how to recreate this bug and helps to lay out the talents intended effect upon casting earthbind totem)

[BUG] Earthen Power (Enhancement Shaman Talent) · Issue #655 · JamminL/wotlk-classic-bugs (


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With the mention of talent fixes / bugged ability fixes, this is a really great time during the next month to take a look at this talent and bring it in line with the way the talent is worded. Please don’t overlook this seriously game breaking bug.

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I’ve had mine just straight up not dispel the single root debuff on me just now.