Please Fix C'Thun

This is what happens when you don’t allow testing.

I would like to pre nerf version that can be funny i pray for that !! :pray:

Youre conflating how much time something was in vanilla with how much exposure something had in vanilla.

Choosing how to handle things that were in the game, but had little/no exposure is a hard choice. I hate wbuffs I would be thrilled if they were removed, but its not an easy choice for blizzard to make lightly. Neither is the diamond flask thing, or various farming/leveling exploits like Gor’shak which was removed, or the pathing/safespotting tricks mages use to boost people which have not been removed.

A bug or a scuffed temporary fix to a bug, that was only in the game briefly, and worked roughly the same before and after this temporary aberration, is on a completely different level. Its a very easy choice of what version to implement; you implement the good one; the one that was in game for longest, and was in the game earlier, and was in the game later…its all the same version in this case.

And furthermore, its not like this c’thun bug had high exposure over the brief time it was in game. Ive seen a few videos today from when the beam was delayed in vanilla, and in every video the raid is running in as if the beam is not delayed. I would be surprised if ANY guilds intentionally changed their strategy to exploit the situation. But I guarantee that if this bug remains is classic EVERY guild will use a strategy that exploits the fact that the beam is delayed.

I don’t think there was much of a choice, it seems entirely unintended. They’ve mistakenly launched a build that used a temporary measure, it was correctly patched within a month during vanilla.

Fair enough if Blizzard isn’t allowing the resources to do a thorough test before release but at the very least, players could have been allowed to test this beforehand.

small indie company eh?


We caught this bug as soon as we saw it on the first realm in China last night.

We deployed a hotfix for it earlier, so all AQ raiders in the Americas and Europe will see the encounter start as intended/expected.


Nice to hear this is fixed for us.

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You guys are the best overseers of classic. Way to get ahead of the problem :slightly_smiling_face:

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*caught… another bug there

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Thank you for handling it! <3

It feels like this could have been caught on the PTR. Can you explain the rationale behind not letting players test AQ40?

Thanks for the fix, it is appreciated.

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Don‘t get me wrong, but how could you miss this? It is literally the first think that happens when you start the encounter.
Was there any testing prior to the release?


TY for fixing Cthun.

It’s nice that they fixed it, but how did they not catch it? Really seems like they’re not testing things.


Actually an easy mistake to make. It’s just a bit of script and if you’re not going down the checklist with a fine tooth comb and nit picking every little thing then it’s very possible to test an entire encounter even one you know intimately and still miss stuff because you have 1000 other equally important features to make sure work properly and test.


Ty so much for this!

Nit picking every little thing? It’s the first part of the biggest encounter in the game so far. That’s like putting a plane on the runway and last minute realizing there’s no wings ‘well anyone could have missed the thing that makes the aero machine go whoosh, we’re not going to just go down a checklist of every little thing’.

This is the sort of thing that if they tested it, once, they would have caught it.


If they tested it.


Meaning they didn’t test it.



I’m not writing permissions slips, just pointing out how it can happen.

I mean…it took players all of 5 seconds to notice.

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Correct, and it still got missed. Likely because the test team wasn’t familiar with the raid like we are because they haven’t spent 10 to 12 years + original vanilla doing the same content.