Please enlarge ignore list

Just add the BadBoy: Spam Blocker and Reporter

You can filter on strings of text, players.


Yes. Yes. Yes. 1000 times yes.

I just right click report spam to give me a temp account wide ignore on the spammers, no use ignoring them when they’ll probably only use that character for a short period of time.

Oh, I just want an account wide ignore for the normal players. I report the spammers like usual.

Addon: Global Ignore and Spam Filter.

Use it. Profit. Experience calm.

It will never be large enough. I suggest the add on. Will block multiple users with a single string filter.

let me do a ignore all pepole they do ALANS , NO dont is bad ! !


Actually if you ignore one character from a person’s account, all characters on that account are ignored. At least on that one character of yours that has them on the list.

Are you sure? Pretty sure I’ve been whispered by people swapping.

Both great addons.

Now people gets offended by someone else using chat? XD

Account ignore is one of those things that I’m just thoroughly surprised has never been done. Like if someone is a jerk on one character they totally deserve a second chance on an alt. I think not.

You know why xD

yes. that must be it. it’s impossible to just dislike something. why are you offended by chocolate ice cream or pickles or whatever food you dislike?

I am not, why would I even care about food that i dont like lol. that makes no sense

it makes as much sense as thinking people want to ignore spammers because they’re offended by spam

I sometimes feel sad that some people are so lifeless they have nothing else to complain but a game… It must be really horrible. Like there are people with some medical problems, ,war, poverty etc yet some people here sit and cry about getting offended in a video game by a chat. XD.

Would you also like us to ban everyone else who you think is spamming?

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yeah lol if u ignore some1 it ignores they’re entire account so those ppl messaging u r probably their homies or something

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I want to see see a popup saying “you’ve ignored someone on this account before, would you like to ignore this entire account?”


It may or may not take a client restart on your or their part (or both as it probably involves some work on the backend) but it definitely is the case. It’s been that way for a few years now. As I mentioned it’s character specific. If you ignore them on your DK and the next day you’re on your Hunter they’ll be able to message you again on that character but won’t as soon as you hop back onto your DK.

It’s never been officially acknowledge and I checked WoWpedia and it has sparse info but if you search it up you can find all kinds of threads on the matter.

I had a spat with someone once and later on an alt they didn’t know about went to trade them some items I had mentioned giving them but I guess they were still sore as it said “this person is ignoring you” and I couldn’t open trade. You should be able to test it with a friend by having them ignore a character of yours. Both restart the game and any bnet clients (just to be safe) then try messaging them on an alt on that character of theirs that ignored yours. Shouldn’t work.

Edit: Found an actual blizzard resource stating that ignores are account-wide: Spotlight on: Harassment

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