Please don't leave brewmaster in this state

Currently brewmaster monk is incredibly troubling. They’re getting rid of any choice based gameplay on the specilization.

Shuffle is maintained 100% of the time and requires no thought what so ever.

Celestial Brew has no cool down reduction from your abilities, unlike every other Brew. And requires no thought. Simply press it after purifying

Ironskin Brew should return, and have charges shared with Purifying brew.
Ironskin Brew should have significantly shorter duration, and provide armor while active. So the player has to make a legitimate choice between taking less immediate damage, or purifying existing damage.
Celestial Brew is a great idea and should remain in the kit, in order to reward skilled players, while also providing a protective shield against magical attacks. But It shouldn’t come at the cost of Ironskin brew. The Charge based system of brews promotes decisive choice based gameplay to the brewmaster, and should continue.

I thought this was the unpruning expansion. And yet we’re losing abilities.


Okay first of all, Monk is gaining far more than they are “losing.” If you want to give feedback, do so, but don’t lie about the situation to make your point seem better.

Either way, I agree. The spec is very odd, and probably just not working right in the current Alpha build.

Its hard to give feedback knowing this, because you don’t know what is and isn’t intended but I will say this.

Guard returning as Celestial Brew IS what you are asking for in choice based gameplay.

If you missed MoP’s version of the spec, its understandable why you are concerned. In MoP, guard was the ultimate active mitigation. Using it at just the right moment was the most rewarding thing I have ever experienced as a tank, even more than Blood DK.

I always say that if the exact version of Monk returned from MoP, it would be the only thing I would consider a main swap for.

Well, they got the key spell back that I loved.
The problem is… without Vengeance and them being total paper outside of it, its just not going to work.

As it stands, this spec is incredibly awkward, because they are still kings of physical mitigation, and while doing that they are massively buffing a shield that will eventually go on them for easily double if not quadruple their healthpool.

I don’t know what they can change right now, but all I know is that it would help if the goals of the new Monk style were better defined.

As of now, I am seeing Celestial Brew expire before the full absorb is off more than otherwise, and I can only imagine what that will look like in the hands of people who actually play the spec competently.

I hope they can find a way to combine all these concepts and make the tank as fun and interactive as it used to be, but I just can’t see how they will do that while shuffle and stagger both remain in the game as they are.


There’s overall Monk discussion here:

Fun and interactive is the Key thing I’m looking for. Currently the spec feels incredibly uninteractive.

You simply do your rotation and use your purifies correctly. That simple loop makes up about 90% of what the spec does currently.

Celestial brew is great, its a wonderful addition. But if it comes at the cost of the “Charge-Juggling” system of brews we had before, then it’s pretty bad in my opinion.

Celestial brew should have an opportunity cost just like every other brew in your arsenal. Otherwise it’s just one of the best mitigation tools in the game, on a long cooldown, and overwhelmingly boring to boot.

Currently the spec doesn’t do anything actively outside of Celestial Brew, tanking a dungeon honestly felt like I was just doing my rotation to maintain Shuffle, and very little else outside of that, except for every 30 seconds when I got to use the “fun” part of my specialization.

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I agree with your assessment of the current state for sure. I just don’t feel like it was much better in BFA.
Mostly because I remember what it was like in MoP.

The big problem will be the feast or famine that is Celestial Brew though for sure.
Looking forward to the next build! Looks like it should be soon.

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BFA has much of the same problems. Ironskin brew at the moment is also completely passive, but at least you’re hitting buttons actively.

This change gave me hope that the class could become less passive. But now it feels even more so.

Hopefully the think of a way to re-implement the Brew charges and the feeling of choice. Ironskin brew should give armor, or dodge chance. Something tangible to your mitigation at the moment you drink it in order to feel like to chose to have instantaneous damage mitigation instead of choosing to purify.

This is the third (maybe 4th even) thread you made on this - they don’t move that fast even if they agreed with you.


Admittedly im being overzealous. I’m just worried.