Please don't drag your feet Blizzard

If you want better queues that exactly what you should do

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there are now 3 certainties in life: death, taxes, and horde complaining about honor gains on classic forum.

Seriously though, is the honor gain lower than it was in the original TBC? or is it just zoomer things?

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You could have rerolled. Just like a major portion of horde players did. They dropped their warriors and rogues amd rolled hunter or warlock. Then even more created brand new level one palidans.

Players are clearly willing to reroll for what they want. If they really want it. So you have no excuse. The excuse of rolling 2 years ago is not a valid argument.

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Queue times are low because a lot of horde aren’t queuing; many of us are waiting for hvh and instant queues to come back. Personally i am leveling alts when i have time to play so that when the change is put in for good I can bg on them also.

And what are your queues right now? Because Horde players posted screenshot yesterday showing queues of only 23-29 min. so either they made fake screenshots or someone else is exaggerating about queue times.

Please read this and then take 60 seconds to critically think about this statement:
An argument is not invalid just because you disagree with it.

This thread has become so unproductive. People have a right to their opinion, but Blizzard literally said in their forum post:

It’s not totally conclusive that same faction BGs won’t cause ripples in faction balance, but there is evidence that the THEORY and concerns are proving to be false. The first bullet point actually highlights that despite faction balance being skewed in favor of horde players, it is not having a major effect out in the world. By giving horde access to faster BG queues alliance loses nothing per the initial data summary.

You can keep trying to win the argument, but I don’t know how you can refute what the company that has all the data is telling us. They have no reason to lie about this. They make more money if more people play the game.

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These pvp only kids don’t know how to pve. Otherwise I’d agree with your assessment.


It’s just zoomer things.

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It’s not though. If we had data to compare Honor per Hour there’s absolutely no way it’s even similar. The queue times were no where near this long in original TBC. This is further compounded by the fact that honor per player kill has been proven in other threads to be incorrect for the patch we’re on. You also have to factor in the amount of marks you can earn per hour. Turning in one of each mark grants 314 honor which can severely impact your HPH rates.

Consider the following assuming an average BG queue time of ~35 mins (from pic I posted above) for four hours:

  • You can realistically enter one BG per hour assuming an average length of 15-20 minutes.
  • You can realistically earn 1 or 3 BG marks of one type per hour depending on outcome of the BG.
  • One BG mark turn in (For Great Honor) is 314 honor.

Assume the following honor rates (based on anecdotal evidence and including player kills)
AV win: ~500, loss: ~250
WSG win: ~300, loss: ~150
AB win: ~350, loss: ~150
EOTS win: ~300, loss: ~75

If you won every BG for 4 hours (one of each) and did 3 mark turn-in’s you’d earn somewhere around 2400 honor or 600 honor per hour

If you lost every BG for 4 hours (one of each) and did 1 mark turn-in you’d earn somewhere around 950 honor or 250 honor per hour.

So on average you’re earning around 300 to 400 honor per hour depending on mark turn-ins if you can afford to spend them. The rates go down drastically if you need the marks to purchase gear.

Edit: you could potentially get 2 BGs in one hour if triple queue which would improve the rates slightly. Maybe another 50-100 HPH.

Let’s now assume queue times of 1 minute:

  • You can realistically enter 2-4 (3 for sake of math) BGs per hour assuming and average length of 15-20 minutes.
  • You can earn between 2 and 12 BG marks per hour depending on which BG’s you choose to take.
  • Assume you do 4x of each BG respectively.

If you won every BG for 4 hours (unrealistic obviously but 4 of each) with 12x mark turn-in’s you’d earn around 9500 honor total or about 2400 honor per hour.

If you lost every BG for 4 hours (four of each) and did 4 mark turn-in you’d earn somewhere around 3750 honor total or about 900 honor per hour.

It’s impossible to calculate accurate honor rates without actual data, but you can see the theoretical difference in the amount of time it would take to earn the gear. It costs around 160k honor to get a full set so with current rates you’re looking at somewhere between 400-500 hours of grinding. Assuming the numbers are correct, even if you lost every single BG with instant ques it would only take 180 hours. 70 if you had the magical power to never lose.

I could be completely off base here, but I think this shows how big of a difference it could make.

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This is a dense take; no one has argued that the impacts of those effects would be felt within that three day testing period. The impacts aren’t anywhere near immediate, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be major.

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They definitely were, depending on your battlegroup. We just have a bad battlegroup for your queue timers. I wonder why.

One of probably multiple problems with your assumptions is that you can be queued for all battlegrounds at once, then when you leave a battleground your queue for the others picks up at the same spot.

Also aren’t queues less than 30 minutes lately?

Ok. … what is your point? What argument is there that is being proven here?

The only argument that alliance has is tjst they are fed up with horde problems being put as top priority and alliance issues continue to be ignored. They put out data that was already known. Why do you think the horde posts were ignored and laughed at by alliance. The posts that horde were ganking so many alliance because they had long ques. We knew that was a stupid point and didnt care. Just as many horde were getting ganked. I cant believe blizz even noticed those rediculous points.

The missing part of thier little study is thw win/loss rate of av. How about they acknowlede that? That is the major issue with this whole thing. They are perfectly happy letting it go on. Because its not a horde issue. Remember in early classic when alliance had fast av que times and were forming premades and rolling thw horde. Horde cried. Blizz fixed it. Immediatly.

Im all for a change that is needed for the horde ques. But only when they address alliance issues also. Which are getting ignored.

But again, i dont knkw what the point if your post was. U quoted a blue post and then said see. See what? The point i made to you was that rerolling was an option for you to chose. I then took away your excuses for not doing it by showing how many horde reroll all the time for fotm and to play the new class. I dont understand what world ganking perxentages have to do with that.

Bro, you’re queueing at noon on a weekday.

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The hot take of “just reroll,” is boring and uninformed. Stop saying it. It’s not a good solution. It won’t work for 99% of people. It won’t make the game better. It won’t make players happy.

There is this extreme sense of entitlement that resonates with every post that is opposed to these changes. They all kind of have the same connotation and essence. Faction A is getting a problem fixed, therefore Faction B should have a problem fixed regardless of whether the problem is unique to Faction A or not.

People say things under the guise of long term game health, but none of them actually care about that and it’s really obvious. You care about what benefits you and you alone. Like I said before, if the shoe was on the other foot you would be just as concerned as I am. I want the factions to be balanced just as much as anyone else, but the BG queue problem is not about faction balance. Alliance don’t want it to happen because, “it wouldn’t be fair that our problems aren’t being addressed.”

This is a positive change that needs to happen. If it causes faction imbalances they can adjust for it, but the preliminary data suggests it won’t.

Do I need to laugh or can you already tell that is a hilarious situation that Blizzard will not facilitate. Can you imagine the people who would come on here and break down if Blizzard gave the Alliance a bone at the end of this? Tell me you’re joking.

You’re also giving Blizzard credit to put thought and effort into the game.

I don’t care if they fix the horde queues they should but reality will hit you and the biggest problem is honored gained. It’s not any quicker as alliance when we lose every match. Maybe a little faster but who cares it’s still 300+ hours lmao it’s a joke for both factions

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Wouldn’t it make sense to fix the issue that was there first? Especially when it’s conveniently the cause of your queue timers, as well? If nothing else, putting forth some effort toward doing so would demonstrate good intent.

Again, it doesn’t suggest that at all - it merely tries to suggest suggest that it didn’t cause further issues during that three day period. Huge difference.

Furthermore, several servers have dissolved from the alliance side since this change was announced. I can think of one specific guild that cited the “writing being on the wall” from this change, realizing that their previously imbalanced server would just become worse in the long-run. Unfortunately, a large portion of guilds from those servers transferred to Benediction, which is in turn ruining another server in the same (reversed) way.

Whether or not it’s based merely on perception is largely irrelevant; this is still an effect that would not have happened if the efforts were directed toward faction imbalance instead of this not-in-the-spirit-of-TBC HvH implementation.

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I still fail to see what any of this has to do with BG queue times! This is a completely separate issue that doesn’t seem to be correlated with one another.

I am basing my opinions off the only facts and numbers on the matter that we’ve been given. If you want to believe public perception and anecdotes that’s on you.

thats definitely not true. all of the gear that you would get from pve and gem resi into you would want to eventually replace with the actual pvp gear. its only a placeholder piece. its very unlikely that you go into arenas with less than half of the gear youre supposed to have and do fine. and by fine i mean glad/r1. sure you could get 2k without much resi, but 2k isnt “fine” imo.