Please dont change Temporal Anomaly

Dear god, I finally had the perfect build revolving around this that has made preservation incredibly fun. The changes are going to completely destroy it. Please don’t make it a crappy Chi Burst raid heal.



Definitely agreed. These proposed changes are just terrible, Temporal Anomaly is great the way it is. It will be utterly useless in M+ with a speed increase and not slowing down when it reaches players. Please, dear god, don’t make this change Blizzard!


Hopefully they atleast revert the speed changes like the cooldown makes sense as it was crazy short but the speed increase yeah idk about that.

But it’s gated by its huge mana cost. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the cooldown because of that.

The speed change actually isnt the problem, because it will no longer pulse shield, it is literally just one giant Chi Burst that applies shield and echo.

As it is, it’s honestly the most unique and interesting spell we’ve had on a healer and I think it’s brilliant.

The slow pulsing orb is satisfying.

Spreading weaker echoes out over time is an awesome playstyle.

The huge mana cost and low cd gives me a unique playstyle of feeding essence into mana into anomalies for a completely different healing rotation that has made Evoker actually enjoyable for me.

The fact it does 2 targets x 3 means it can perfectly adapt to a full party wide spread OR concentrated healing on tank and a mdps.

It’s literally perfect design right now in my eyes.

I could not get into Pres healing until I made my own build revolving around it. This is awful news man. =/


Where can I find these “proposed” changes?

    • Preservation
      • Redesigned the delivery method for Temporal Anomaly’s absorb shields. Absorb shields are now applied to all allies it passes through, with absorb effectiveness reduced beyond 5 (was: pulses 3 times and heals 2 allies per pulse). Its speed has also been increased by 40%, and the orb will no longer slow down when it detects an ally in its radius.
      • Temporal Anomaly cooldown increased to 15 seconds (was 6 seconds).
      • Nozdormu’s Teachings has been redesigned – Now reduces the cooldown of Empower spells by 5 seconds when Temporal Anomaly is cast.
      • Resonating Sphere now applies Echo to the first 6 allies it passes through.
      • Time of Need cooldown reduced to 60 seconds (was 90 seconds).

This is a buff to 5-man not a nerf lol! instant shields + echo (provided smart positioning) to the whole party instead of waiting the pulse → faster echo combo + shields to prepare for burst

the 5 sec reduction in empowered is absolutely huge over the course or a m+ for damage and healing.

this is only a nerf to the blanket echo the whole raid.


I agree that do not change Temporal Anomaly.

If they want to change they should make it function as a jumping ability like Unwavering Ward type thing or Essence Font but in a manner that it jumps on two targets then hops to the next two targets in a bronze-sand-like fashion rather than the orb if the orb was the problem that blizzard had.


You explained it better than I could ever. I think I shed a tear :,) !!! You tell em!!

It’s a pretty big 5-man nerf. It seems that you don’t understand how the spell works. When Temporal Anomaly pulses, it adds the shield value to targets. This means that if you chuck it at the tank and there’s one melee nearby, you will always get 6 applications of the shield value. With this change, the most you could get in a dungeon is just 5 applications, but realistically it’s only going to hit a couple targets. In many situations it’s a 66% nerf, and it gets even worse when you consider Resonating Sphere.

This is a horrible, horrible change to the most unique healing spell in the game. Just, WHY?


Yeah it’s a pretty terrible change. They took something unique and fun and are making it into a version of a spell that already sucks (chi burst) because they are struggling to get raids to bring preservation evokers over other throughput healers because of their range restrictions.

Furthermore after playing the class with TA, playing it without TA just feels kind of boring. You get these dead periods where literally the only thing you have is spamming living flame and occasionally putting up an echo/reversion. Ideally you space out your cooldowns, but with so much avoidable damage going out in these dungeons it just feels really bad when you have to burn stuff early and then are sitting around for 10-15 seconds spamming living flame and waiting desperately for VE to come off cooldown.


Hey, Devoker all ready sucks, why should Prevoker get off easy?


Why did you put that in quotes like it was made up?

Have you really never heard of the PTR or patch notes before? Kekw?

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I didn’t mean for it to come off that way… I put it in quotes for just me preparing myself for Blizz propositions as I usually don’t like them, and my feeling was correct as there are no Devastation changes.

I was initially excited as I thought this was a buff. Spread echoes faster, spend less time babysitting Temporal Anomalies.

After reading the comments here explaining how this is worse, I get it now. More Echoes faster, but less absorb, which is a good deal of what makes it so good to begin with. And 15 secs is too long. I wonder if the cooldown means its intended to be altnerated with VE somehow.

Ultimately I’m waiting to see how bad it is in action before making a bottom line judgement call. But it sounds bad. Would be cool if we could get an option to place it like Frost Orbs.

Time of Need down to 1 minute is alright though. I’d like to see that ability be more useful.


Nobody asked for this change Blizz, Just limit the amount of echos to 6 to balance it for raid and leave it how it is so you don’t kill it for M+


The cooldown needs to be dropped to 5 secs and it should add a second absorb shield for 50% of it’s original absorb on top if it hits less than 6 players, this would still be a nerf but it would be fairly small and it would make the spec less frustrating to play on top of it because ball phobia will be countered with a fast ball that instantly shields instead of a slow one they can run away from

The nerf is needed.


Are you going to add context or just be a contrarian?


TA as it stands currently invalidates echo. The new design competes less with it.