Please do something about these RMT gold farmers camping every BL with 10 lvl 1s

its insane, every zone theres an unguilded player and 10 other unguilded lvl 1s or 2s with random jibberish names, when you whisper the unguilded player its always the same “afk” message reply but in chinese from a chinese client. Is this something blizzard is going to figure out on putting a stop to or is this completely ok because blizzard is profiting off the sub numbers?!


This. Although I’d correct you and say “Activision”. Blizzard’s almost entirely dead. Very little of it remains. Activision absorbed it. And Activision was never a game development company. They’re a stock development company.

So I’m relatively new, but hearing stuff like this reeeeally turns me off of getting into Classic WoW.
Someone please tell me Activision’s team is at least as competent as private server’s teams for dealing with Chinese gold sellers. Cause if not… yikes.

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Pserver fellows were far better at dealing with this, and even so it was still always an uphill battle

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yeah idk what could be done though, its just frustrating to see that RMT gold farmers getting away with it

Classic WoW is a copy of an old game. It is not a new modern game. It will never be improved, or fixed, or made better.

If you don’t want that, DON’T PLAY CLASSIC WOW.

Because that is what it is. It isn’t what some players say it “should be”. Players don’t decide what Classic WoW is. It isn’t a sandbox game, for players to choose.

Don’t worry I have already unsubscribed but… are you sure you’re not a gold seller?
Who would defend it otherwise? hm…
You’re saying part of the vanilla experience is real money traders, and we should just accept that? :laughing:

no, they arent
theres gold-farming bots that have chinese pet names that just simply don’t get banned, so sayeth many testimonies on these forums

blizzard de-facto supports chinese gold selling, to the detriment of 95% of the playerbase