Please do NOT add tbc to classic..make TBC its own servers

If you do a tbc thing blizz i beg you just make tbc a stand alone thing. Like how classic is. You can have it where you start new chars at 58-60 on tbc with noob starting gear and your classic chars are just that…they remain classic. I like the original feel of classic and it should just be capped at 60 and no other… its perfect the way it is. I beg you not to convert it to tbc where you start a new character alt on classic and it just runs up thru tbc cuz then whats the use of running ubrs/mc/bwl all that if you are just gonna speed thru it to get into tbc stuff. See what i mean?


I want my Naxx gear for leveling.


Best solution imo is allow people to copy their characters over to new tbc servers with certain limits on how much gold you can bring.

Also limit the number of character copies available, im not sure exactly how this would be abused, but im sure there would eventually be something exploited from people leveling characters in classic for the purpose of transferring them to tbc once level 60, people always find some kind of min max shenanigans


Yeah don’t break your museum promise. Just let people copy classic toons to tbc if they want to.

You promised us that classic will stop at phase 6 as permanent museum.


Unlikely abused. In tbc they’ll probably let them start at 56.

I assume they’ll let copies for a month or something.

Agreed with the masses here. I earned this gear. I should be allowed to level with it. I should be allowed to pull my Thunderfury into Karazhan. I should be allowed to use the gold I’ve amassed, which isn’t some obscene amount, to purchase epic flying at 70.

New servers are fine, but we need to be able to copy characters at the very least.


I think it will be a copy character type thing.

It makes sense.

As long as they don’t mess with Classic.


No. Progress the existing servers to TBC. Have a few new servers that are locked in Classic, and put on life support for people who absolutely can’t move on. Offer free, one-way transfers to those servers, and be done with it. That way, the minority that want vanilla-only can have their thing, while the majority can go on and step through the Dark Portal.


Pretty sure they have no intention of doing this.

They know how bad people wanted Classic AS IS. I SERIOUSLY doubt they would just write over it again.

There are people that want to play the game with TBC added, but they more than likely WON’T destroy current Classic servers to do it.


No, u won’t get ur Naxx tier/Atiesh/Corrupted Ashbringer


TBC servers need to be character copies only. people who have no interest in TBC should be allowed to max at 60.


Yeah I will unsub (if not earlier if the states of BGs is as bad as people say) if they decide to do that, I want Classic to be here permanently and not make it a progression server garbage.


What would be a refreshing way to do it would be, imho:
Allow players to roll as L1s for 3 weeks or so, then allow transfers from classic to tbc servers. Not copied, transfered.

That would prevent the economy from being slammed with too much gold up front, would stave off boosting of the new races rolled, and the non tbc content would have a healthy LEVEL APPROPRIATE population leveling up.

And I stress transfers rather than copies, to get all of this gold the hell off the vanilla servers.


Char copies only with a reasonable gold cap.


I would be very disappointed if they weren’t allowed to be separate. While I’d love a clean slate, I don’t expect it by any means.

While this idea sounds good on paper, I think they should do it the opposite way.

Open new servers that will be TBC servers, and allow free transfers to them before TBC goes live. It will be a one-way transfer, obviously, but one done with full knowledge that you are moving there for TBC.

That way the current Classic servers aren’t affected in anyway beyond their populations changing.

And yes, I think it should be a TRANSFER, not a copy. You shouldn’t get that wishy-washy out. Play TBC or don’t, don’t be halfway in and halfway out. You didn’t get that option the first time around, you shouldn’t get it now. It’s not a PTR server.


Server copies :+1:
Also allows us to keep our names. Aetish Classic, Aetish Classic TBC. Snapshot servers on the day 2.0 goes live.
Character transfers to TBC opens up issues with names.

  • also server economy stays the same.

no gold is the only acceptable answer

Terrible idea, i shouldn’t have to choose between erasing my classic character or playing tbc with a brand new character while others transfer all their wealth and gear

This isn’t the same thing as the main game haveing an expansion. Classic is supposed to stay in vanilla wow as a museum piece. If you made it so you couldn’t keep your character in classic AND play tbc im pretty sure a large portion of people would just choose not to play tbc at all or would just unsup because the lvl 60 population in classic would plummet

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Absolutely 100% do not roll all classic servers into TBC. The best solution is to open new servers for about a month then allow ppl to transfer characters from classic with limits on how much gold they can bring.