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Hey, we are on A52 and have room for both of you. Hit me up if you are interested!

Raids: Wed/Sun 8-11pm EST
Currently 10/10N, 3/10H

Current recruitment needs:

All exceptional DPS (DH & Warrior priority)

Optional alt run Friday @ 8pm EST and ending whenever we feel like it.

We plan to push into mythic when we get to that point, but adding raid days/extending raid times to get CE is not a priority.


We are not Communists (H) Malganis is looking for a few people. We raid Tuesday and Thursday 9-12 est. We’re adding people working our way through normal then heroic Nathria. In need of a few more dps and healers. We do mythic+ on our off nights for anyone interested. Most members are 30+ Feel free to add me on Discord MtMan#2491 or BNet MtMan#1965 for any questions.

Sent you a friend request on

We are 4/10 heroic and horde on A52!

Ty for the responses. Hoping to chat later.

Hey there, can use both of you on our team! We raid Tues & Thurs from 10pm-1am EST and are currently 2/10H, 8/10N. If you’d like more info, you can add me at Rawrabear#1450.

Hi Pocket!

< Anima > is an Alliance based Semi-Casual Heroic/Mythic Raiding/M+ guild focused on progression at the highest, most comfortable level. However, we are more than just a “guild”, we are a community. Not only do we run together but we level together and sometimes maybe PvP together. While our goals are Heroic/Mythic raiding and M+, no one wants to play with boring people or feel like they are just a number on a roster. You are playing to have fun. We know that it’s possible to change someone’s ability to play the game, but not someone’s personality. For this reason, we are more than happy to take players without much experience in BfA at all and teach them the game inside and out. All you need to do is be willing!

What we are looking for:

Tanks - Open
Healers - Open
DPS - Open

We are looking for people that are of the ages 18 and above to join our ranks and fill our roster for both Shadowlands raiding and M+ content. Maturity is key, while we love having fun, we strive for a drama-free, relaxed community. Anima leadership and members understand, that BfA was an expansion filled with difficulties throughout its lifespan, but anyone who did or did not play during BfA is more than welcome. However, we do require prior raiding and/or M+ experience, in order to assure that incoming members are at least semi-interested in becoming a part of our WoW community.

Raid Times:

Tuesday @ 6pm - 9pm PST/Server
Weds @ 6pm - 9pm PST/Server

Tier 1 Progression:

N 10/10 H 1/10 - About a week behind due to the lockout bug from Blizzard and Holidays.

For more information feel free to contact Darkin#1234 or Aux#4685 on Discord


I am from WDBM a Horde guild on Illidan and we are recruiting for are second heroic AOTC team. They currently raid 7-10EST Tuesday/Thursday and are 6/10H if you were able to make it an hour earlier!

Feel free to follow the instructions to apply on discord using this code: h5yZVMx

Hi all. Thanks for the responses. Looking to chat later today. We are hoping to find a 3+ day/week raid schedule

I am not bumping this post :slight_smile:

Check us out :slight_smile: we are looking for more ranged that can push for CE.

Hey. My guild Handsome on Tichondrius is looking for more dps, especially ranged and classes with a tank off spec. We are currently 10/10N and 7/10H. Our raid times are Monday/Wednesday 630-930pm server(Pacific). We’re mostly a group of folks who have played together on and off since vanilla. Our focus is heroic raiding and mythic+ but once we clear heroic we will likely push into mythic. Completely clearing mythic each tier just won’t be a high priority.

You can hit me up for more info:
Discord - Igy#6557
BNET - Igy#1769

Hey whats up we are looking for a few more solid DPS for our core raiding group. Check us out! [Booty Bay Beach Club] LF Core Raiders (5/10 H CN)

Normal and heroic progression guild on Stormrage if interested…

DLAres#1711 if you’re interested in chatting

Hello !

Rejex is a mythic raiding Horde guild on Arthas recruiting for Shadowlands PvE content. The raiding team was created in the middle of 8.3 and we stopped at 10/12M (CE was in sights if we knew SL would be delayed). We are currently 10/10 N CN and 8/10H CN. The core group is looking to recruit ranged DPS(Spriest pref but all are welcome) and Havoc DH.

We raid twice a week WED/THURS 7:00 to 10:00 EST

Every application will be taken into consideration. Don’t hesitate to communicate with BNET : Poopdollar#1617 or Svester#11268

Discord : Poopdollar#6583 or Svester#7164

Hi Pocket,
We are looking for 2 dps to round out our core progression group. I will leave you with our spam and message me if you have any questions.
Thank you!

Taco Bell is a competitive raiding guild led by experienced, accomplished PVE and PVP Players of RL and Online Friends!


Tuesday, Wednesday - 7pm EST to 10:30pm EST with an optional raid run on Sunday at 6PM EST

10/10 Normal
3/10 Heroic

About us

We formed a core group of friends and raiders who enjoy progressing at a competitive rate, but currently need 3 amazing ranged DPS to take it to the next level. We want players who are active and enjoy playing and doing challenging events.

Current recruitment needs

Melee dps

DK, Rogue, Warrior

Ranged dps

Mage, Balance Druid


Tank Healer




In Game:

Seiko - Guild Leader

Jinmori – Recruiter




Thank you to everyone who has replied. We have decided to stop our search for now due to switching classes.