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Hey there! I’d love to talk to you some more especially regarding your potential friends that would like to join. Here’s some more info for you, hope to hear from you!

Divine Minds is located on US Illidian Horde Side.

We are currently recruiting for our core raid team. We are looking for people that potentially have gotten behind this expansion but are ready to finish out the expansion strong. We are just filling out the last few spots to begin mythic.

We have been progressing through normal for 2 weeks and went 12/12. Normal We have now had 2 weeks into heroic and have already accomplished 12/12H! We are looking to begin mythic progression within the next 2 weeks.

We raid two days a week - Wednesday and Friday 7PM-11PM EST.

Our highest needs are the following:

Ranged DPS - hunter, elemental shaman, balance Druid

Healers - holy pally, resto shaman

Melee DPS - WW monk, Ret pally, rogue, enhancement shaman

Our goal is to push heroic content for AoTC and step into mythic and continue to progress as far into mythic content every tier.

we continuously run Mythic plus’ to help gear each other on off nights.

Casuals and Newer players are welcome as well!

We have started to discuss a pvp team as well for off nights as an additional perk to joining our guild!

If a guild like this interests you, please add me at Defusionz#1271.

Raid times :

  • Heroic (Tues 6:30-8:30pm server time)
  • Mythic (Wed - 6:30-8:30pm Sat 7:00-9:00pm)

Current needs:

  • Range (Mage, warlock, hunter, spriest)
  • Heals (HPal, Priest)
  • Will also consider any player who is exceptional

Raider requirements:

  • Overall progression of knowledge at a reasonable pace
  • Mature, be able to handle constructive criticism
  • Discord (be able to listen at the least)
  • Preparedness (Repair, flasks, food, healing pots, prepots)

About us:
We’re a chill group of people, who are looking into some serious progression into mythic. We currently made it to 4/12M and plan on pushing further. We have lots of fun outside of raiding such as pvp (RGB’s every sunday), mythic + content, and whatever else you might be into. Extremely helpful to anyone with a positive attitude and looking to be part of our group. Light banter is par for the course on guild chat and discord, so don’t be easily offended.

Message : Abazaba#1420 for more info!


Hello! I think you would be a good fit for “We Released.” We also have a couple of mythic raid spots still open, so we might be able to fit most of your friends. Id like to chat and get some more information. I added you on BNET. Below is our guild spam.

WE RELEASED on thrall is currently opening its doors to recruitment! We are a semi-hardcore weekend raiding guild. Our core team is 5/12 Mythic Ny’alotha, and we are currently looking to fill the last few spots with dedicated raiders. We are looking for people who can dodge fire and still keep the numbers up. Since we are a guild of working adults, our time is precious to us. We don’t want to waste your time during progression fights, and we ask that you do the same. We expect you to know the fights, and ask questions before hand so we can maximize our raiding time during the weekend. You are more than welcome to come to one of our heroic runs to see if we are a good fit. As soon as we get the last few key members, we will be pushing Mythic Ny’alotha again.

Not a fan of raiding? We have a pretty solid group of Mythic+ players trying to push keys weekly. Any player seeking to push keys just needs to say so! No formal raid requirement is required.

8:30-11:30 EST Saturday and Sunday

Current Prgoress: 12/12 Heroic

We are currently recruiting for Mythic Progression (Core raiders are 5/12)
Current Priorities:
Range DPS – Any Class
Monk / Shaman Heals

Melee DPS

To apply or find out more information contact:
Bnet: Loki2w1#1690, TopSpanky#1161, Shaun#1186
Discord: Raffiki#559


Big Money Crab - Is a new semi hardcore guild on Area-52. We raid Tues/Wed 8-11pm EST, most members are AOTC and have some mythic experience. We also do 10-15 level M+ keys for guild members weekly. If you and possible friends would consider transfer to Area-52 and growing with our guild I can be reach me at Btag Alchemy#1707

Please have a look at us! I hate to spam and pester folks but when I see a possible great fit I try to explore it. I would love the opportunity to chat with you.

Hey there!

My guild is currently recuriting a few more dps for our raid group.

If you have any interest in mythic then keep reading:) We are 3/12 mythic NY at the moment and raid Tuesday/Friday 9pm est to 11pm est. We also run mythics daily so if you have time to chat please feel free to reach out! Hope to hear from you!

Battlenet: Dem #11551
Discord: Dem#5747

Hi Parzival,

Idk if you’ve already found a new home, but if you’re still on the hunt, give us a look. My guild Part Time Heroes on US-Hyjal is a casual progression guild. We focus on getting AotC and then dive into Mythic content with whatever time we have left in the tier. We are currently 5/12M in Nya’lotha and still going strong. We plan on continuing our success into Shadowlands!

Our raid days/times are Thurs 8-11pm PST and Mon 8-10pm PST. Not sure if that aligns well with what you are looking for, but if you can swing the times, we may be a good fit! If you’re interested I’d love to chat! My btag and link to our guild post are below. Thanks!