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Quick little bump. First official raid week for the guild. 6/8 heroic cleared. :slight_smile: Can only go up from there.

Update! 7/8 H Cleared… Raz is going down Sunday!!


This is the most fun guild I’ve been a part of :smiley:

Currently looking for a healer for raids! Preferably a shaman or an evoker. :slight_smile: Being able to spec swap is a huge plus!

Open for any players interested!

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We are starting to recruit for season 2 - come have fun with us!

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Another week closer to the new season! Do any more friends out need a home for some season 2 content?

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Looking for new faces to join our ranks for S2 :smiley:

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Heroic Raz has been downed! :slight_smile: Good job everyone! Was a great night! We are now the 57th ranked guild on the server!

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8/8 Heroic! Looking to keep that up come season 2 - will you join us? :slight_smile:

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Are you guys relatively open to people still figuring out things in the PvE setting? I dabbled in keys on and off in BfA and SL, but haven’t done ANYTHING in DF and worried for a long time that I missed out on that grace period the start of the xpac affords PvE’rs. Kinda hoping I can get back into it with the new seasons, but only time will tell! Do you guys want a discount feral druid? :point_left: :sunglasses: :point_left:

Hey Ely, we’re always happy to have new faces! Rather they be experienced or not. Biggest thing when it comes to people that want to do content is simply having the mindset of being willing to learn! We’ve got a strict belief that everyone is capable of improving & learning, just so long as they’re willing to do so. Feel free to contact myself or any of the other recruitment officers via Btag or on Discord so we can chat a bit more!

Sure thing, I sent a disc request your way. Pay no mind to the cursed profile picture, I swear I am a sane individual! And, in my defense… it used to be 10x worse!!

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The season draws closer and closer each week. Who wants to come enjoy the new season with some new friends!

Hey! Returning player Comin back, decided to try ally. Full cleared norm and got 3/8 h before I took a break. Any room for me?

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Hey Dragon! Thought I sent you a message already, my mistake! Feel free to add me on Discord or on so we can chat a bit! We’d love to have you if you’re still looking!

sent you bnet

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Come join our ranks, always lookin for some new friends!

What classes are needed?

We welcome all classes! For raid, we are mostly focusing on DPS, but for keys we are always looking for any role.