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Whose Key Is It is a companion community to our guild on [US] Tichondrius. You’re welcome to join the community only, or use the community to check us out before joining our guild.

We offer adult players Mythic Keystone teams and Tuesday casual raiding in a comfortable atmosphere.

We’re building around a core of Mythic Keystone teams learning to progress through content with coordinated strategies.


M+ - Every Day - Peak times are 7-9 PM Pacific Time.
Normal Sepulcher of the First Ones raid - Tuesday - 7-9 PM Pacific Time

Who should join:

We’re looking for adult (older) players who enjoy or want to learn Mythic Keystones. Experience is not necessary, but a willingness to learn and improve is a must.


INCLUSIVE — We welcome players of any race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, etc.

RESPECT — Members are expected to show kindness and respect to others inside and outside of our community.

LAID-BACK — Our culture and environment should be kept relaxed, chill and even-tempered, regardless of the challenge and level of the content being played.


Recruitment Officer | Discord: Zhanne#0408
GM | Discord: Hansraj#5185

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It’s the weekend, come check us out!

Your community and guild may be just what I’ve been searching for. Just made the move to horde and looking to get into serious mythic +. I’m playing warrior as tank or dps. My buddy who is playing disc priest is in the same boat.
Just sent you a discord friend request. Badger#1949

Warrior is a Z Troll btw: Tazingo. Forums won’t let me change avatar so it still shows up as Human.

We’re still recruiting for M+ and casual raiding.

Would love to talk to you about joining the M+ community. Venthyr holy paladin looking to push keys. I am unavailable on tues/thurs as I am raiding. Would love a Friday night group if you have one.

Thanks for your interest Sidhna! Please reach out to either Zhanne or myself on Discord and we’ll be happy to talk to you. We don’t currently have a Friday group, but we’re working on getting more groups going, so a Friday group could certainly happen.

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Join us! We have cookies!

Hi there, Im interested and would love to chat with someone. I added Zhanne on Discord today so hopefully Ill hear from you guys soon

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Currently forming M+ teams!

Still looking for new friends!

casual raiders and/or key runners wanted

Looking for more friends for raiding and mythic+!

Keys and Tuesday casual raid

This sounds like what I am looking for. Looking to push keys a bit higher than I am now while also trying to get in some Normal raiding. I will reach out on discord!

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I will be in touch later this week when I have time as your peak/raid time match up with when I usually play. My main is Rashboom US-Thrall Horde.

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Still looking for more friends to mythic + with!

are you guys still looking for Mythic + players??

Yes, still looking for more! Add me on discord for more info :slight_smile: