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Blizzard has already listened to my post and changed their previous resistance cloak catch up mechanic. Please delete this thread moderators. Thank you.

Blizzard made their own official blue post response regarding the topic of this OP.

Link is here if you want to continue your discussion: Faster Legendary Cloak Upgrades


Yet in 13 weeks, all those players will hit the cap. Then each subsequent week, these new/returning players will get that much closer to catching them, because the gap can no longer keep widening.

If the pre-patch is scheduled to hit Sept 8th, then your argument has merit. However, until we know for sure, there’s still time to catch up to players who are ahead.


i’d be embarrassed defending this system but to each his own.


Yea…that’s not true in the slightest. Corruption is a terrible system, but corruption resistance has always been a way to soft nerf content for people continually playing.


I’m not defending it really. I never understood why new/returning players think they should quickly catch up to established players, but I didn’t want to get into that at 6am. The catch-up system exists… it’s not perfect, but it’s better than the alternative – which would be no catch-up system at all.


Is there really any difference between a 4 month grind catch up system and none at all?


Dunno. Let’s see!

  • Player A has been keeping up cloak since Malefic cores were added and on Sept 8th will have max resistance.
  • Player B just got their r15 cloak last week, and tomorrow starts the catch-up system. On Sept 8th, they’ll have 78 resistance. It will take a further 7 weeks (Oct 27, 2020) to reach max resistance.
  • Player C exists in a world with no catch-up system. On Sept 8th, they’ll have 39 resistance, and it would take a further 29 weeks (Mar 30, 2021) to reach max resistance.

Is there any difference between Player B’s and Player C’s circumstances?

Like I said it’s not perfect, but it sure beats the alternative.


It’s still bad.


My question for you then is what is the difference between player A and player B?

To answer your question, the date of catch up is the difference. I do not understand why it is such a negative thing to have players catch up on their corruption resistance? It still doesn’t guarantee the player has corruptions for their character, but at least they will have the option as they get more opportunities for adding corruption pieces. And hey, it can mean adding one more player into the community to play with. Why is that bad?

I am not saying players should get cores instantaneously. However, if someone wants to grind out cores to catch up, why shouldn’t they be able to the grind?


Just another thing for people to whine about…


Yeah because if I decided today I wanted to try a new class to actually play it at a viable level of my standard It would take bare minimum 13 weeks. That’s 3 months … not whining this is actual cancer but I’ll just refuse to play an alt and 120% quit once my guild and I get Cutting edge


In 13 weeks, people who played their character regularly for the last 2 years will watch helplessly as newly made characters will creep up on them with hand picked corruptions. And they won’t be able to do anything about it.
I’ve said it before, catch up mechanism means your alt can quickly become good enough to do current content. The fact that they can become as good as your main in 13 weeks is just unfair according to me.


It’s entirely a perception issue, in my opinion, rather than a mechanical one. Some players feel like their “hard work” is negated when someone fresh can march in and do what they did in a shorter period of time. I can understand that point of view, to be honest. If it took three months for you to get from Point A to Point B, then it can feel off-putting when someone can do the same exact thing in half the time and catch up to you. It would be like running a race on foot, being halfway to the finish line, and then someone who just decided to start is given a bike. Even if it’s not conscious, I think it subconsciously does enter into our minds.

In reality, though, catch up mechanisms allow people to join you at the finish line quicker, but you’ve been partying there longer. For whatever reason, we psychologically focus on the time traveled more than the time at the destination I guess.


Nice way to put it but if an instant cloak catch up was brought in it would be from a vendor available for alts of people who have already completed the grind on their main and have a maxed cloak. So …


Yeah, it is stupid.


ive been getting two Malefic cores for the past 3 weeks

So you think you should have instance access to something that people got over time just because you’re late to the party?

I was many weeks behind. It’s been no issue for me to get any parties. I’m finally catching up and will have 3 weeks more after this reset.

I am totally down for the following;

  • One more way to get cores (perhaps BG or arena). Let’s show a little love to our PvPers.
  • Allow LFR N’Zoth to drop one.

I don’t think me gaining 20 resistance because I was lazy earlier is fair, so as long as they have the above suggestions I’m happy.

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Catch up to what lol… people who mythic or high pvp have already done so by now. Not sure why this being behind stuff really matters.

New players already have to catchup on gear, why must they have to do catchup on the cloak as well.

new players have to grind for
Legendary Cloak

Even if you take away the cloak we still got a lot to catchup.