Please delete post

Come prog with us! Much fun

Looking for a sweet sweet hpal!!

Goodmorning Boost! On the Hunt for an Hpal!

Come prog with us on SLG!

SLG is going down this week. Getting ready for sire!!

Looking for some sweet sweet DPS!

SLG DOWN!! Come start Sire prog with us!!

Need a sweet UnholyDK or Firemage!

Sire this week wooohooo

LF for more DPS!!

LF for a hot fire mage!

Looking for an unholy!!

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Join us for sire prog!

Heroic trialing raiders tonight! Come trial with us tonight!!

bump this up! looking for a UDK still!

Big Bumpers for Big Pumpers!!!

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Any huge DKs out there? :eyes:

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Looking for some DPS still!

Where all the DKs at?

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Bump to the top!