Please consider making +20 portals account wide

I entertained the idea of an alt switch, but I really don’t want to scatter these across all my characters. Even if these are made account wide at the end of the season, it would be a significant improvement.

The portals are a nice reward for completing a dungeon on a +20, I think it would be appropriate for these to be considered account-wide collection.

Also, not as big a deal, but it might be nice to have a UI developed for these portals now. I’ve collected several of them now and it’s a bit awkward to access with the spellbook. I found a nice WA that puts the current season portals below your M+ screen, but maybe a window that presented them as a tree view and, perhaps, a text search, might be nice.

Does anybody know of a good add-on for this kind of thing?


I’d love this–my portals are all split between my 2 warlocks >< (older one i made horde and then rerolled alliance.) First world problems i guess


Account wide portals would be great imo.


Opie could do a good job of giving you a selectable menu for all your portals

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Yea, I came across that suggestion when I was googling. It’s not bad but not quite what I’m looking for. Thank you though!

Maybe one day I’ll do some digging and see if I can figure out how to make something on my own.

I honestly don’t even use the portals outside of going to Halls of middle in no where because every dungeon is located within a <60s flight from the capital.

Yea I don’t think they’re expected to be a massive thing, but they are nice for those out of the way dungeons. I use them sometimes just to get out to various places, but it’s just a nice to have.

Which is totally a good thing, it’s mostly just collection. I just want to not have them spread out across different characters :frowning:

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+1 for portals needing to be account wide rewards. Keystone hero/master are account wide, so it makes no sense for the portals not to be.


Agree, considering the limited time to get them it’s asking a lot to do it on every alt.


This should really be a thing. Portals do not break the game in any way. It’s basically a cosmetic reward after the season ends. And the raid portals are account-wide.

This seems like a great little feature to add for a 10.1.x update

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+1 This would be a nice quality of life thing and in no way hurts anyone else.

If we can use mounts and toys we get for achieves on other characters then why not these?


This doesn’t seem like it would be high priority for Blizzard, but one can still hope!


/10 char

Thank you for your insights!

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I only used the portals in Shadowlands because everything was a continent apart. In DF every dungeon is <2 minutes from the capital city and it’s more fun to fly.

Dragon riding is definitely more fun than old world flying, which you would have done for four of the season 1 dungeons, but all the dungeons were still reasonably close to Valdrakken in terms of time.

This isn’t really about the convenience. Like, those portals do stop being relevant after the season is done. I might use my AV portal to shortcut to Brackenhide this season, but that’s about it and it’s not a huge advantage. If I didn’t have that portal, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

It’s really just about the collection for me. I don’t want to spread these out across several different characters, I want to keep them all together.

While I may not agree, I can understand why they might not want to make it account wide on each character while the season is active, in the same way that they make you re-earn the rating achievements on each character. I can deal with that… but once the season is over, there’s no reason not to make them account wide so that the collection stays together.

It’s probably not relevant to this thread much, but I’m definitely skeptical of describing occasionally pressing 2 as something “more fun” (which is mostly all you need to get to dungeons from Valdrakken, maybe a couple of turns to re-orient your direction).

The other weird issue Dragonriding has is something I probably notice more, playing from NZ. When you get near zone boundaries and phase boundaries, especially when the server is already struggling, Dragonriding can become super unresponsive and basically not follow your commands, or crash. Going to Zaralek is a 50-50 with a near guarantee of crashing into the first wall before the game registers a turn, and sometimes even crashing into the rock at the end before the game registers taking it away and putting you into the new zone. At its worst, that’s 3 or more complete Vigor kills just from server performance.

Portal wise, I don’t really get their logic all that well aside from being annoying just because. Even the portal locations are silly - they randomly put you a little bit away from the actual dungeon so that you have to fly for a bit anyway. Or in the case of Legion, the Dalaran portal was … eh.

Haha yes, I agree with you here… maybe instead of “fun” I should have said “engaging”… because it is. Mind you, I play a druid, so even old world flying can be engaging. I’ve been known to drop form and plummet, only to go back into flight form and swoop up under a bridge. The things we do to entertain ourselves, I guess.

Regardless, I don’t typically mind the flights. I actually really like Classic Era and WotLK Classic just because you see the world. For all Blizzards faults, they’ve done a great job and making a really amazing virtual world and I do like seeing it. Don’t get me wrong, I use my portals when I get them, but I don’t lament the flights in any way.

As I said above, this whole thing is just about the collection. I don’t want to spread it across multiple characters… and it doesn’t really feel like there’s any reason to have to.

While I’ve never slammed into a wall, I’ve noticed a few hitches as well so I can only imagine. I’ll give Blizzard props for the technical achievement here though… the faster you move across the terrain the faster you have to stream it in. I’m not surprised you have issues though.

Side note, remind me one of these days to pick your brain about NZ. I live on the Canadian west coast and I’ve semi-seriously entertained the idea of moving there, but I have questions. Especially from a WoW perspective but not limited to.


This game is better when people put work into a character and progressing a character matters. There is too much account wide stuff in this game and I wish it was not the case.

Now we have a game FULL of people that think they need to play “meta” specs every season even though they aren’t even close to good enough for it to matter. This happens in PvP and PvE and it is annoying.

There should be SOME reward for people that play a class through thick and thin. FotM reroller mains get enough benefits by rerolling. There should be a downside to FotM rerolling, and imo losing access to rewards (when you switch characters) is one of them.

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That mentality is a relic of a dead era… but fortunately, an era that has been resurrected in the form of Classic. In particular, Classic Era exists, where you can play a game designed to the very principles you’re promoting.

I know I very much enjoy the time I spend there, but I’m under no illusion that either game should strive to be the other. They are very different things.

In retail, the emphasis has shifted from growth and progression on the individual character to growth and progression of your account. You paint a picture of extremes here, but there are a lot of players who live in the middle ground. I tend to play my druid, but every now and then enjoy a change of pace.

Some things (like your gear) makes sense to be limited to your character, but things that are a collection (transmog, achievements, etc…) should be account wide. I’ve offered a compromise here as well, which is that the portal unlocks become account wide only after the season ends.

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