Please change the way we obtain Mythic+ keys so we spend more time playing the game instead of spending unnecessary amounts of time trying to actually get in a group or wasting keys

Please change the mythic+ key system so that we can choose the same dungeon keys that we ran prior to the weekly reset. For example, If I did a mechagon junkyard +8 and a king’s rest +8 the week before the reset and I did them within the time limit, then I should be able to choose a +8 or +9 junkyard or a +8 or +9 king’s rest from the weekly chest, and the 3rd option should be a random dungeon key like we have now.

It would be great if I could gather a group within my requirements to make the chances of getting a key done on time (or if at all) a lot better.

Right now as it stands, instead of spending time playing the game, I am wasting my time trying to find a high level key group that will actually let me in, and for the one’s I do get in; a lot of random things happen where we end up wasting the key; like the group leader inviting players who have a ilevel a lot lower than what the key requires, among other examples.

On top of that, when I open my weekly M+ chest, most of time; I get a key that is 1 level lower than the one I need and the dungeon that gets chosen for me; doesn’t have any items that I want.

So in summary, Please change the way we obtain mythic+ keys so that we can spend more time having fun playing the game, instead of spending a bunch of time trying to actually get in a group or getting in a group where the key gets wasted.

I agree that the way keys are given out needs to be made less random. On one hand if everyone could choose their keys there are some dungeons that it might be almost impossible to find groups for (hello, TD), but the current system is so frustrating when you have only a few dungeons that you want to run and cannot get into groups. The “make your own group” line that gets parroted so often around here doesn’t apply if you keep running your own keys and don’t get the dungeons you want. It’s a highly inefficient system in some ways, and needs to be tweaked. Unfortunately I don’t know what changes if any are coming to M+ in SL, and that’s a shame because there are many quality of life improvements that could be implemented to make it a lot more fun.

Sounds like incentive to put in serious effort by blizzard to balance the dungeons.

If the soulbound keystone system is a way to allow blizzard to be lazy then that is not acceptable, because dungeons of a certain key level are meant to be reasonably uniform in difficulty, and their rewards have the same ilvl. In the days of something like early cata 4.1 with ZG/ZA dungeons that was fine because those were significantly harder, and they mostly drop significantly better loot.

Remove the soulbound keystone system entirely. Put in the GR menu system from diablo 3 (like so many things are adapted from now in WoW). Put a timer cap beyond which you will not get an end-of-run chest or weekly chest, such as +20% over timer.