Please change the jailer gavel before next reset

I don’t know if anyone from Blizzard reads these, but can you please either make Gavel unpurchaseable for non-strength users or put agility on it? I really don’t want to have to do keys all season with a strength weapon on my bear.


I mean ye could just not take it if you dont want it. You dont have too get it.

In this day and age, gimping yourself for no real reason is a surefire way to never get invited to groups.

The procs on that weapon need to be updated so that they either don’t function for agility users (which will probably make the forums explode with people wasting their precious dinars on it… which is why it should also be made unpurchaseable for agility users), or the weapon should be given agility as well so agility users can have it without having a dead primary stat on their main weapon.

Your actually saying out of all the reason to not invite a bear, gavel is going to be the main reason…
It is a matter of simply dont do something if you dont enjoy it.

The Normal Gavel is outperforming a Mythic Agi Weapon by over 1000 DPS (simmed). Read that again. Normal ilvl Str Weapon > Mythic ilvl Agi Weapon. Not taking would be the same as slapping on Cloth item instead of a Leather item.


It is not up to players to police their weapon purchase choices and balance the game… that is the responsibility of devs who are not doing what they should be doing.

Just like they’re allowing the Mechagon staff, which is massively underbudgeted in Intellect and is worse than 30+ ilv lower staves because they tax the int proc too much.

I’m done with expecting Blizzard to release polished and QA tested products.

What so you dont have any free will to make a decision on your own? If you dont want too use it simply dont.
If ye dont like something simply dont do it…
This is a video game, dont do or play with something you dont enjoy.